How to Become a Good Dog Trainer


1. Be Patient

Be Patient© Dogtime

Obviously, you’ll not become a good dog trainer overnight! It takes time. Actually, it takes years of training and dedication (just like most other fields). You have to be truly passionate about dog training if you want to be a great trainer.

It’s not enough to love dogs, you’ll need to study, understand, and feel these animals. A dog trainer should know everything about all dogs and puppies, including behavior, treats, tricks, body language, toys, food, leash training, and more.

2. Read, Read, and Read More

Read, Read, and Read More© Fetch! Pet Care

You need to read everything, from training manuals and books to magazines and online guides. You should learn about the latest dog training methods, techniques, and theories. Also, don’t forget about dog psychology. Dog training career is not easy, yet, it’s deeply interesting.

Keep in mind that the more you know, the better you’ll be prepared when you begin. You can find countless free books, guides, and manuals online. (Knowledge is easy to get nowadays).



  1. I appreciate your comment about dogs not responding well to a “too kind” trainer. Now I know why my dog and I have had stand offs and battles of wills. These days, she minds very well if we’re alone or if I have treats. But if we’re around strangers, she seems to think she can do whatever she likes.