8 Awesome Rainy Day Items You Need to Get Your Dog


#1 – Raincoat

Raincoat© elliedogwear.com

Rainy? No problem. Your dog will never have to miss going out for a walk to do their business again. The Jelly Wellies Premium Quality Waterproof Reflective Deluxe Raincoat is a great option to bundle up your fluffy friend.

This doggie raincoat is approved by the American Kennel Club and also comes with polar fleece lining. You can find it in a variety of sizes and colors. Allow your pup to weather any storm with this durable raincoat.

#2 – Rain Booties

Rain Booties© Chewy.com

Doggie rain booties aren’t only adorable but also practical. They particularly come in handy if your dog has sensitive paws or if you’re worried about your precious pooch dragging in mud or debris due to the rainy conditions outside.

You may consider the waterproof booties from Bonve Pet to ensure keeping your pup’s paws dry. What’s more, the anti-slip soles work in snowy conditions as well.