How To Make Dogs Love Car Rides


9 Of The Greatest Tricks To Try If Your Dog Hates Car Rides


When it comes to car rides, dogs act in different ways. There are some dogs that would be so excited because it is the “Adventure time!!”, while other dogs would just go through anxiety and nausea throughout the whole ride. Puppies and young dogs are the most to get motion sickness because the ear’s structures that help their balance does not fully develop until they reach adulthood.

These dogs, however, start to suffer from anxiety since they have been nauseous every time they are on a car, so they may show a couple of signs of aggression so they won’t have to get inside the car, like barking loudly, drooling, pacing, and even whining.

There are many other signs of anxiety like trembling, cowering, freezing up, or just refusing to move during the entire ride. So, if you suspect that your dog may be going through all of this, then here are 9 of the greatest tricks you can try in case your dog suffers from nausea, anxiety, or both.