9 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Miss You’ When You’re Gone


#1 – Your dog cuddles or chews your belongings while you’re out

Your dog cuddles or chews your belongings while you’re out© Kong

Just like humans, dogs have the ability to love. Many studies show that dogs form a positive bond with the people they love and fear the time spent away from their owners. It’s true that dogs can handle alone time, but they do miss you when you’re not around.

Of course, your dog cannot tell you how much they miss you with your own language but they can definitely and perfectly express it in their own canine language. One sign your dog misses you is by cuddling or chewing your stuff. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and the scent of their loving owners is just their most favorite one.

This explains why your dog always cuddles and even chews your dirtiest slippers, shoes, and socks. No matter how stinky your shoes can be, your dog finds your smell incredible and it reminds them of you. (How cute!)

#2 – Your dog cries when you leave…

Your dog cries when you leave.© Odyssey

Your dog actually cries when you wave them a goodbye. Whether it is only for a few minutes to the grocery store or when you are getting ready to go out to work all day long, your dog doesn’t want you to leave.

You may notice some watery eyes resulting from their particular situation but not necessarily tears. Your dog may keep following you as you move in the house and also whine for a while as a way of expressing their sadness and discontent to see you walk towards the door!