10 Fun and Impressive Tricks You Need To Teach Your Dog


    #1 – Shake Paws

    Shake Paws© White

    Shaking Paws or hands is an impressive dog trick that will amuse both of you. It is an easy trick that you can train your dog to do in a few training meetings. All you need to have is your dog and some of the treats. Here is how to do it:

    First ask your dog to sit, Hold the treat in one hand and try to show it to your pup. Close your grip over the treat and ask your dog to shake by waving your closed grip to keep him focused on the treat.

    The moment your dog interacts and touches your hand give him the treat and say “good” so he can remember the trick. Try to apply and practice shake paws for 10 minutes three times a day. Then you will notice that your pup will offer you his paw whenever you ask him to do it.