10 Most Dangerous Things Dogs Randomly Eat That You Need To Be Careful About


    Little puppies are much known for being extremely curious that they get stuck in all kinds of troubles. They also have a great tendency for eating all varieties of weird things including socks, toys or even rocks, which can be most of the time lethal or may cause huge health issues like cardiac and respiratory distress, neurological and gastrointestinal issues or even death. Other, non-lethal things may require urgent surgery to remove.

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    Here are the 10 most dangerous things dogs randomly eat, which you absolutely need to be careful about.

    #1 – Bones


    Cooked bones are always the worst food item that you may give to your dog. They can be broken down into dangerous sharp fragments that can be swallowed or damaged the gastrointestinal tract. Some dogs may swallow whole raw marrow bones; other large bones may cause a major obstruction threat.

    So if you noticed that your dog has swallowed a big bone that won’t pass, then you need to go urgently to your vet. Gastrointestinal tract issues may include having diarrhea, vomiting and reflecting signs of gas discomfort. Your vet needs to make sure that nothing requires a surgical intervention.

    #2 – Socks


    Dogs are the biggest fans of stinky socks; they love playing with them and sometimes they just swallow them accidentally which may cause an obstruction. So, to prevent ingesting such things, try to keep socks away from puppies.

    However, if you noticed that you little devil has swallowed a sock, it is recommended to go straight to your veterinarian. The longer a thing stays in the stomach, the more lethal damages it can cause.