Are You Petting Your Dog Wrong? This is What You Need to Know


    #1 – A Stray or Unknown Dog

    A Stray or Unknown Dog© Obedience

    When you see a dog you don’t know, you should never frighten them as you approach. The common mistake that many individuals make is when seeing a stray is to try to catch them or run after them.

    Nearly all dogs would run away from that, even the friendliest ones. If you met a well-trained dog, chances are they’re afraid and panicking because they’re lost or in an unfamiliar place, so you need to realize how scared they may be.

    You’ll need to be as non-threatening as possible, which means to avoid standing up and bending over the dog. Try to crouch down or turn your body sideways. If you bend over the dog, it’ll be taken as dominance and would feel threatened. When a dog postures over another dog, it means that humping is the next move.

    What you should do is squat down, extend your hand and let the pup come to you. If the dog approaches you while wagging their tail, you can pet them, but if they stand still, pull their head away, or back off, you should better leave them alone. To make it simple, it’s like shaking another human’s hand.

    Well, you never go grab somebody’s hand from their side. Remember to pay close attention to the doggy body language. If the tail is tightly tucked or stiff, it means the dog is uncomfortable.

    Also, don’t always trust a wagging tail because if the ears are pinned back or hair is raised on the center of the dog’s back while tail wagging, it means that they’re nervous and you should be cautious.