Coward Man Kills Dog And Poses For A Booty Photo

    This is disgraceful. This man killed a dog and then proudly uploads his booty photo online to show people what an evil and cruel man he really is. As you see in this photo, he is holding a motionless body of a dog through its tail, not only that, he’s actually got an expression of amusement on his face in the photo as if he could be a great hero.

    Basically, it has been reported that this guy hates dogs and wishes for all of them to disappear from the world. Besides that, after killing the dog he boasted that the world had one less dog. The question you may ask why he hates dogs?

    That because of his neighbors who usually keep letting their dogs loose even though the guy had warned them many times about it. This guy is aged 31 years and he lives in Zgorigrad – Vratsa, Bulgaria. Fortunately, after the photo went viral on the internet, authorities have pressed charges against him.

    Take a look at this image

    coward man kills dog

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    According to the law, this man will get into jail for a period of time of 5 years if they found him guilty. But, the ugly truth is that, in Bulgaria, animal abusers don’t get punished most of the time. We can make sure that this man will walk free without any punishment.