Dogs with the Most Health Issues

    Some dog breeds have serious health issues, but their owners find difficulty to guess real symptoms. If you are interested to get a dog, then you should have proper knowledge of every dog breed before buying it. There is brief detail of a few dogs with most health issues:

    1. Bernese Mountain dog

    This dog breed is prone to have both hip and elbow dysplasia diseases.

    2. Bloodhound

    Bloodhounds are concerned to have eye issues, such as dry eye and eyelid deformities.

    3. Weimaraner

    This dog breed has a number of health issues regarding blood clotting and Von Willebrand disease.

    4. Poodle

    Gastric dilatation volvulus and bloating diseases have found in poodle mostly.

    5. Boxer

    High rate of cancer disease have found in boxers mostly.

    6. Golden doodle

    Google doodles are prone to subvalvular aortic stenosis disease, which is known as a heart condition.

    7. Shih Tzu

    This dog breed is prone to have patellar luxation by creating unstable kneecaps.

    8. Great Dane

    Hip dysplasia is very common disease in Great Dane dog breed which is also common in larger breeds.

    9. Chow Chow

    Several orthopedic issues are very common in Chow Chow.

    10. Newfoundland

    Newfoundland dog breed have subvalvular aortic stenosis disease, which results in sudden death usually.
    Before choosing your desired dog breed, it is important to know their health related issues. Sometimes, furry companions are also having health issues by touching them. It is important to act upon health precautionary measures before having them at home or at working places for enjoying their company.