How to Manage that Foul Doggy Smell Effectively


    There are various reasons that your dog smells bad. It could be an ear infection, skin condition, lack of grooming, or dental issues. But if your pooch has a clean health bill from the vet and gets regular grooming sessions, yet, still smells foul, then you might be strangely sensitive to your pet’s natural odor.

    In fact, unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat, they perspire. Did you know that the released chemical scent through dogs’ paw pads and hair follicles is individual to each dog?

    They also produce odor-emitting oils that maintain healthy skin and coat. These, in addition to the light yeasty smell that comes from the ear glands, add up to your pooch’s own signature ‘dog smell.’

    Generally, regular bathing and grooming should be enough to keep doggy smell away, but if you’re still struggling with smelly odors, here are 7 tips and tricks that will help you manage your dog’s foul-smelling odor.

    How to Manage that Foul Doggy Smell Effectively©

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