Is Your Dog Food Actually Worth the Money?


    #1 – Is the Dog Food Balanced with
    Quality Nutrients?

    Is the Dog Food Balanced with Quality Nutrients© Pets4Homes

    All animals need protein, fat, or carbohydrates for energy, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals for proper body function, and of course, water to stay healthy.

    Actually, when all nutrients are present in sufficient quantities and proper balance (which can’t be determined from reading the label) for your dog, the brand’s name is irrelevant to the health of the pet.

    What about balance? Balance is important for proper metabolism. For instance, if you eat more protein and don’t eat enough carbs, some of the protein has to be used for glucose production to provide energy. Balance leads to efficiency.

    Nutrients balance is highly important for your pup’s health and is the reason why the leading pet food companies employ experienced veterinary nutritionists to choose their ingredients carefully. Which takes us to our next question…

    Is the dog food formulated by nutritionists?