This is the most friendly dog ever known – he’s best friends with 8 birds and a hamster


    We hope you’re somewhere cool, because these animal besties will absolutely melt you.

    Bob is the gentlest giant creature ever known. He is incredibly friendly and loves to cuddle with his bird and hamster companions. Even though they are different in size and coat, these buddies get along perfectly and enjoy spending their time together in their Sau Paulo home.

    Luiz, their owner, captures photos of them in many adorable poses and posts them on their Instagram profile, which has won the admiration of over 200,000 followers. Bob joined Luiz Higa Junior when he was four months old. Since then, eight birds and a hamster have joined them, happily expanding their exotic community!

    Luiz says that all buddies get along and each behaved well to eath other since their very first encounter. Bob spends so much time with his feathered friends, he maybe thinking he is a bird himself. Birds of a feather (and Bob) flock together

    Bob always has a smile on his face when he has a fun time with his friends, and you can often see them nestling on top of him.

    It looks like that napping is one of this creatures favorite activities. However, Bob isn’t the only friendly one in the family. His siblings love to embrace him as well, and even give him gentle strokes of love.

    Bob is also quite protective of his smaller pals. Fur or feather, this bunch will always remain the best of friends.