This is What You Need to Do When Your Dog Hates the Water


    Why is Your Dog Scared of the Water?

    Why is Your Dog Scared of the Water© petMD

    Not all pups are excited about water splashes, even if they were bred to be water dogs. Some have to be encouraged and comforted to even get close to it. Here are some reasons why your dog might be a little shy around H2O sources:

    Bath time: If your dog’s only experience with water is at the unpleasant bath time, then they definitely won’t like water in other scenarios.

    Unfamiliar situations: If your pup has never seen anything larger than a tub or a pool, they may be a bit scared of a bigger body of water. The new sounds, such as crashing waves, as well as new smells, may overwhelm your dog at the first time.

    Personality: Well, some dogs are just more anxious, while others aren’t willing to take such risks like diving into a totally unknown and suspicious substance.