This is Why the Human-Dog Bond is So Important


    #1 – Dogs are Good for Human Health

    DOGS ARE GOOD FOR HUMAN HEALTH© Professional Pet People

    Living with a dog, or even just visiting someone who has one, can have many health benefits, including improvements in physical, social, and mental health. That’s based on multiple studies that have proved this truth.

    Let’s take dog walking for example, according to a study published in The Gerontologist journal, individuals who walked their dogs on a regular basis could get around easily, had less body fat, visited the doctor less often, and exercised more often in a more energetic manner.

    It was concluded that those who were most bonded to their pets were more likely to spend more time walking the dog on every walk. In another research, a walking program matched therapy animals with sedentary individuals, the results were that the participants increased the distance and time they walked over time and were mainly motivated because they were aware that the dogs needed them.

    The relationship with a dog can have a very positive impact on physical activity in adults.
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