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4 Fall Season Items To Keep Your Dog Warm & Cuddly


“Omg, my dog hates the cold!” As the days start getting chillier, everybody will start complaining again about how hard it is to walk their dogs or how much their dogs “hate snow.”

Your dog doesn’t hate the cold, he/she actually hates being cold.  So, if you’ve already taken out your warm clothes, you’ll do your pup a huge favor by taking out theirs — or buying them some if you haven’t already.

Not all dogs are lucky to be born with a dense coat for wintery climate, so we’ve collected some cute and handy items to keep short-haired pups warm and snug on walks, hikes, and more.

Read more and your dog might just fall in love with fall and winter!

1. Waterproof Dog Jacket

fall season dog jacket

A waterproof jacket is exactly what your dog needs to stay warm and dry on rainy days. This Waterproof Dog Jacket goes the extra mile and works as a harness, too, to protect your dog from getting hurt.

Better yet, the jacket’s inner fleece layer is warmer and softer on your dog’s skin, if your dog has little to no hair, and the zipper does an excellent job keeping the jacket securely on. It’s available in all sizes, so make sure to get your dog’s size right!

2. Dog Christmas Hoodie

fall season christmas dog jacket

The ugly Christmas sweaters are not a trend exclusive to humans, our furry friends can enjoy them, too! Except that this time, the sweater we’re talking about is cute and fluffy!


This sweater comes in Christmas colors, red and green, and is wind-proof, breathable, soft, and comfy to keep your dog warm, happy, and cuddly!

3. Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

anti anxiety bed

As winter nears, the nights get longer and colder. Can you imagine your dog shivering while sleeping on the floor or on a bed meant for summer days? No way!

Dogs can get super anxious in winter due to feeling cold and uncomfortable, so the best thing to do is make sure they sleep peacefully on their warm, anti-anxiety bed!


This bed is made from pet-safe material that is super soft and soothing for joints and muscles, flexible, and fuzzy to give your dog a sense of security, comfort, and luxury!

4. Dog Seat Cover

car dog seat

If you enjoy road trips with your dog, you must be already posting about how not even winter can stop you from hitting the road and having a good time, etc.

But hey, what about your dog? If they don’t have a warm sweater on or jacket, are they at least sitting on a comfy, warm seat?

Furnish your car’s passenger seat this fall season with a dog seat cover like this one which comes with heavy-duty headrest anchors to keep your pup safe, and a non-slip and waterproof material to keep them comfy and snuggly!

Show your doggo some love this fall and winter!

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