6 Signs Your Dog is Healthy And You Don’t Have To Worry


Last Updated on February 11, 2021

4. Regular bowel movement

You need to always keep an eye on your dog’s toilet habits. Does your dog suffer from constipation or diarrhea? Is there blood or mucus in their poo? Is their urine dark or cloudy? All of these are signs your dog is not healthy and might be suffering from one or two health issues. Always give your dog healthy food and keep them hydrated. That way, you can keep a healthy dog!

5. Good eyes

Not many dog parents pay enough attention to their dogs’ eye health. Your dog’s eyes should be clear and clean, and their pupils the same size. If your dog’s eyes are suffering excessive discharge, then it is a sign you must take them to the vet. Common eye problems in dogs include cataracts, glaucoma, pink eye, dry eye, corneal damage, etc. Take great care of your dog’s eyes, just like any other aspect of their health.

6. Odor-free ears

Yes, your dog’s ears can smell, and that could be due to bad hygiene that often leads to ear infections and skin problems in dogs. You must be thorough while grooming your dog, leaving no area uncleaned. If your dog’s ears smell weird and notice that they paw at one or both ears, make sure to visit the vet a sit could be a sign of infection or irritation. So those were the signs you have a healthy dog and don’t need to worry too much! Make sure to walk your dog regularly and keep it healthy and strong.