This Is How You Need To Give Your Dog Treats


This Is How You Need To Give Your Dog Treats


Puppy snacks are important to keep your dog happy at all times. Through dog treats, you show your affection to your dog and strengthen your bond with each other. However, you need to practice some moderation in giving your dog those treats.

It’s nice to want to give your pet the best dog treats, but you need to make sure that you chose healthy dog treats and not treats that would cause your dog to become an obese dog with time.

This includes buying or making low calorie dog treats and avoiding high calorie dog treats. More importantly, you should keep in mind that the total amount of treats your dog eats throughout the day does not exceed 10% of its overall food intake.

In this article, we have gathered the information you need to know how to count the amount of calories you need to give to your dog, the type of dog treats you need to give it (preferably, all natural dog treats), and how to prevent your dog from becoming obese.


1Count Calories

1. Count Calories

It is important that you count the calories that you give to your dog in order to determine how many treats your dog gets to have during the day. The caloric intake of each dog is different and changes according to size and age.

Therefore, you should know the exact amount of calories your dog needs every day before proceeding to determine the 10% of the calories that need to be taken by the treats.

After you have determined that (your dig’s food bag will help you with the math), proceed to plan your dog’s diet accordingly. Give it 90% of its caloric intake of food that is rich in nutrients (avoid high calorie dog food) and 10% of delicious homemade dog treats. Moreover, it is advisable that they be low fat dog treats.

2Choose the Right Treats

2. Choose the Right Treats

After you’ve done the math, and decided on the exact amount of calories that the dog treats should make up in your dog’s diet, make sure that you know which treats to choose. Some small treat have too many calories in them; other bigger treats have only small amounts of calories in them.

Therefore, you should know the exact amount of calories each treat contains before you give it to your dog. Do not be misled by the volume of the treat.

More importantly, do some research into the dog treat recipes that exist out there and try to make them for your dog. You will find that homemade dog treats recipes are fun to make for you and delicious for your dog.

3Fight Dog Obesity

3. Fight Dog Obesity

A further step you can take in being someone who knows how to treat his or her dog is make sure that your choices do not cause any obesity to your dog. For example, peanut butter dog treats are low in calories, making them great for your dog and won’t cause it to gain any weight.

There is a wealth of health problem that could plague your dog if it becomes obese, so make sure that you be careful. Easy homemade dog treats are a good way to fight this off and allow your dog to stay in shape at all times.

Also, make sure that you invest in some natural dog treats options and buy low calorie dog food. And, of course, take your dog for walk every day.
Healthy, homemade dog treats are your friends.

Therefore, it is imperative that you learn how to make some yourself. They are low in calories and will help you avoid any weight gains in your dog. More importantly, your dog will have a great time eating them.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below whether you knew about the 10% rule and whether you make treats for your dog at home or not.