This Is What To Do When A Dog Bites Your Dog


Last Updated on April 5, 2021

The small wounds can be safely treated at home, especially those on the face or ears. Cleaning a dog bite can be then as easy as using warm soapy water and applying topical antibiotic cream. The veterinarian is the only person who knows how to treat a dog bite effectively, so if there are puncture wounds, seek the vet’s assistance. Deep puncture wounds can lead to bigger issues when treated improperly. Usually, the vet will prescribe antibiotics. If your furry friend is seriously injured, then hold pressure on the bleeding wounds and keep him warm by wrapping him in a blanket. Drive straight to the nearest veterinary hospital! 

4. Dealing with a dog in pain

Whenever you are dealing with a dog in pain, it’s smart to use a muzzle. Regardless of how trained and sweet your dog, when in pain, he could bite. You can find those dog muzzles at any pet supply store or online. You can practice using the muzzle on your pouch in advance by rewarding him with treats to teach him that wearing it is a good thing.  This method will make things easier for you and the vet in an emergency situation, especially that dog bites are not the greatest to be suffering from!