A Dog Picture Made People Call The Police On The Owner


Last Updated on February 7, 2019

One day, a beautiful, innocent dog finally found a home where he can grow older, safer, and happier. Meeting his new owner was one of the best days of his life to the point that he couldn’t stop smiling.

The new owner was so happy too, so he took a quick selfie, and introduced Diggy to the new world on Facebook. Little he knew what would happen next!

After only a couple of days, Dan Tillery, the new owner found the police knocking his door to take Diggy away, and the reason was shocking!

1© Facebook/Dan Tillery


2© Facebook/Dan Tillery

In June 2016, Dan tiller, who works in Waterford Township as a musician, decided to purchase his first home with Megan, his girlfriend. But, it wouldn’t be a home if there is no furry pup around.

So right after they moved in, the couple began a new journey in order to adopt a dog. Sadly, their future was hiding a world of hurt.

Dan admitted to the Oakland Press that he and his girlfriend have been looking forward to adopt a dog since forever, and the house they were renting didn’t allow any pets, so they have waited till they bought a home where they can allow any dog to live happy. But, he didn’t know that not all dog breeds were allowed.

3© Facebook/Dan Tillery

After they settled down and felt grounded, they started looking for the new member of the family, and that’s when Dan fell in love with Sir Wiggleton, a two-year-old American Bulldog at Detroit Dog Rescue that saved the poor dog from the streets of Detroit where he was found lost, hurt, and hungry.

For both Sir Wiggleton and Dan, they have experienced love at first sight. The dog’s goofy smile and tongue that’s always hanging from his mouth won Dan over. So immediately, he wanted to adopt him. He took him home, renamed him “Diggy”, and so far everything was good and legal.

Diggy was Dan’s first dog, so he was very excited and happy to see him discovering his new home, and he couldn’t stop snapping selfies of the dog’s wide-mouthed grin. After posting one of the pictures on Facebook, someone picked up the phone and called the police on the new happy family.

4© Facebook/Dan Tillery

The photo was innocent; a man with his new dog showing silly smiles. They both seemed happy, no one was looking in pain or hurt, and as a thank you to the rescue staff, Dan also shared a picture with Detroit Dog Rescue to explain the perks and greatness of adopting a new dog.

A couple of days later, the picture went like fire on social media, because those smiles were big and genuine. Dan started receiving many calls and messages from strangers, but of course, everyone has haters lurking in the shadows.

5© Facebook/Dan Tillery

Dan didn’t care about the haters because he was still thrilled with his new best friend and the fact that their friendship is going viral. Till one day, he found the Waterford Police Department banging on his door.

The police informed the owner that he had violated the Waterford’s ban, that’s because it is illegal to own a pit bull. According to that town, pit bulls and pit bull mixes are technically “dangerous dogs”, and owning one is considered as a punishable crime, so Diggy has to go back to the Detroit Dog Rescue, or else…

6© Facebook/Dan Tillery

Dan thought that the police would just let him off with a warning because Diggy wasn’t harmful at all. In fact, he licked their faces when they were on the gates, he was very kind! The police understood because they love dogs and they noticed how incredible he was. They even took pictures with him. But they still had to take him away.

Diggy’s adoption papers say that he is an American Bulldog, but the police were not convinced. According to The Detroit News, one officer said: “Diggy looks like a pit bull to me, so I’d write a ticket”. So Dan had only 3 days to say Goodbye…

7© Facebook/Dan Tillery

The animal rights activists didn’t sit quiet, but the police officers said that they were only doing their job. Dan had to pay $500 ticket or he will end up in prison. In both cases, he will be losing Diggy.

But that same picture that caused all the problems, also served a rallying cry, thousands of people came to help Dan, and many were so pissed that the police has the authority to take such a sweet, little dog away!

While the supporters organized an online petition to free the dog, Dan was preparing himself for a formal hearing to kick off a legal battle. The whole town was raging in the favor of Dan and Diggy. Everyone wanted the dog back home!

So Dan was working hard with his lawyer to prove that Diggy may look like a pit bull, but he is not one. They were working hard and doing the impossible to make sure his best friend return to home with his family. He even posted online saying that he is not a quitter.

Unfortunately, the status of Diggy remained undetermined for months, while more than 100,000 people signed the petition asking the authorities to let go of Diggy. There is an army of supporters in the whole land meeting in September for the sake of the two best friends. But is it enough?

8© Facebook/Dan Tillery

The director of the Detroit Dog Rescue was touched when she saw thousands of people getting invested with their emotions into the story, and seeing how much they cared about rescue dogs.

Finally, and after a heated debate, Dan and the whole town got some good news: the charges were dismissed, assuring that the owner and the dog can stay together!!

Dan shared a heartfelt post on Facebook saying that they can keep their boy, and he is such a good boy. Dan and Megan fought hard for this because they knew they were capable to give the dog with the most beautiful smile in the world the life he deserves.

Not only that, because of Diggy, the township changed their rules, and now the vets are the only people allowed to determine the dog’s breed and not the police.