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10 Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Lost!



Your dog is probably one of the lights of your life – you know how to keep your dog healthy, know how to keep your dog safe, but do you do all the things you can do to make sure your dog doesn’t get lost? This is something every dog owner fears, and it is super important to adopt a series of measures to ensure that you won’t lose your dog. Safety is always a priority, so start taking notes!

Put A Microchip On Your Dog

lost dog microchip

Maintaining a healthy dog takes a lot of trips to the vet to administrate all the vaccines dogs need, and in one of those trips, you should install a microchip on them.

In that microchip, they will carry all the information needed to contact you if they ever get lost. This way, if the people who find them take them to the vet, they will be able to get your name and contact information.


Your dog won’t even feel the microchip, and the implantation is pretty painless as well. The microchip cost for dogs is usually around, which is close to nothing if you think that it is going to last for their whole lives.

Buy A Dog Collar With An ID Tag

lost dog collar

When shopping for a dog collar, you need to consider two things: if the collar is the perfect fit and if it has a dog ID. With time, the collar will start to get loose, so it’s important to switch it for a new one, to make sure your dog doesn’t lose it.

However, the ID tag is the main point here – it is cheap, small, and if your dog ever gets lost from you, the person who catches it can find your contact information quickly and return your dog to you, safe and sound. If you prefer a dog harness over a collar, you can still have an ID tag on the harness.

Teach Them To Come To You And To Sit

lost dog training

It is important to start training your dog from a young age and teach them all the important commands. Two of the most important commands you can teach your puppy are “come” and “stay/sit.” And why is that? Dogs are explorers by nature, and they will easily get excited about the most random things.

Imagine them in a garden, running free, and they start running towards a bunch of poisonous plants to dogs. If you teach them to come over on command, you can avoid this disaster and others.

You can train them by offering them special dog food as a treat, but healthy food, of course, because your dog’s health always comes first. This is a great way to protect them from dangerous situations and make sure they won’t start wandering around aimlessly.

Keep Them On A Leash

lost dog leash

Every dog owner owns a leash as well. You can choose different styles to pick the best fit for your dog and you. It is important to be sure that the leash you are purchasing is the right match for your dog’s weight.

Walking them on a leash is the ideal solution for when they are still learning, especially if you have an aggressive dog, and you just know you will need to stir them away from unpleasant encounters at the dog park.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Safe

lost dog yard

If your dog is used to running free around your yard, the chances are that if he ever escapes, he will get lost, and people in your neighborhood might look at him wandering around and confuse him for a stray dog.

To prevent that from happening, make sure that the fence that surrounds your yard is dog-proofed. It has to be tall enough so that your dog won’t jump over it, and you also need to make sure there is no chance they will start digging a hole to escape under it.

Dog Spaying Is The Way To Go

lost dog spraying

Neutering your dog is the only way to prevent little dogs from being brought into this world and ending up in shelters, but it is also a great way to make sure they won’t get lost.

Like all animals, dogs have a natural sexual behavior, and if they are not spayed, they are more likely to run away and try to find a mate.

If you neuter them, their chances of getting lost while looking for a female partner decrease. This is also applicable to female dogs since spaying surgery will make them less desirable to male dogs.

Watch Your Dog

watch your dog

Just like you would pay attention to your child, you need to pay attention to your dog.

Whenever you take them out, and wherever you take them out, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and to scan for possible distractions that might put your puppy in any danger. Pay special attention if you are at an unfamiliar location and do not leave them without supervision.

Car Safety

dog car safety

Dogs can be quite difficult to hold down because, as we said before, they are active and get excited easily. They might try to escape as soon as you open the car door or even if you open a window.

If you see this behavioral pattern on your dog, leave their leash on to hold them as soon as you open the door, or buy a dog seat belt.

Have Their Documentation Organized

dog documents

All of your dog’s papers and documents should be organized somewhere you can access them easily. If they ever get lost, you won’t waste any time searching for their documentation.

You will need documents that prove you are their owner, like pictures, a vaccination tag, or your dog’s health insurance papers. You should always have the number of your local shelter saved on your phone since that is the first place you will want to look.

Make Sure Everything Is Safe At Home

safe home

Your dog’s place is right by your side and inside your home, but it is really important to invest in safety measures inside your house. If you leave them alone, make sure that there is no way they can escape and get lost.

If your dog is a small breed, pay special attention – in certain rural areas, you might have to deal with predators like hawks, mountain lions, or even coyotes. Plus, don’t you ever leave your dog outside at night time – everyone in the family should be going to bed at the same time.

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