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7 Best Money-Saving Hacks For Dog Owners



Pet-owners basically have one big, simple goal and it is being able to treat and spoil their furry friends as much as possible. Basically, the second our new doggies enter our houses, they immediately become family members that we love unconditionally.

So we always make sure that they are well-fed, healthy, happy, and satisfied. But in some cases, dog-owners go all the way and leave a big amount of money for their pets that they don’t necessarily need.

Of course, they deserve it but there are many other ways where you can show them your love without leaving them millions after you die, or without even spending thousands of dollars on them while you are still alive.

It is easy: Just be a responsible, loving parent who considers everything before wasting a penny over unnecessary things. Do you need some help with that?


Here are the best money-saving hacks for all dog owners to help you take care of your pooch within your budget.

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Invest in pet insurance

invest insurance

Once the dog gets sick, we know for sure that our wallets would be empty because the medical bills are not that cheap. That’s why it would be a good idea to buy insurance for your pet. It is basically the same as humans’ health insurance.


Honestly, it will save you a lot of trouble, especially if your pooch got sick during hard, financial situations. The insurance will help you sleep comfortably during the night knowing that your four-legged best friend will be just alright!

Create a pet savings account

saving account

Besides the pet insurance, you can also grow a pet savings account. Whenever you can, put in $20 here and $10 there. Slowly, you will be building up enough money to cover your dog’s food, care, and supplies during emergencies. If you think it might be hard to save up, then think of it as your general emergency fund.

Buy supplies and food in bulk

food shopping

One of the greatest ways to save up on dog food and supplies is not by waiting till last minute. Buying products in bulk will not only help you save a few dollars, but you could also take advantage of some pretty good deals.


If you ended up buying these products in a small quantity at the grocery store, then you will basically pay a lot more for very little things.

Invest in preventative care


If you skipped your dog’s regular visits or annual shots, then you will probably end up spending a lot more in the long run. Taking your pet regularly to pet care is necessary to spot on diseases early in order to fix them right away. That is why preventative procedures are actually more important and will not cost you as much.

For instance, heartworm medicine can cost only $15 per month, but treating it, later on, would cost from $400 – $1,000. Plus, heartworm treatment is extremely inconvenient and could be painful for your pooch.

Shop around for clinics and vets

clinic shop

It is very important to shop around for clinics and vets. If you looked around, you may find them offering competitive rates for appointments. So before you decide on a vet, make sure to check the prices on, at least, three options in the area. Try to discover how much a basic veterinarian would usually cost, along with the annual shots price.

Maintain your pet’s weight

pet scale

Dogs can end up having many health issues if they gained an unhealthy weight, just like humans. The extra pounds will affect their quality of life and will lead them to suffer from back and hip problems. In fact, it could even be hard for them to breathe.

Those issues will not only make you and your pet anxious and sad, but they will also break your bank account, especially if the preventable conditions were left untreated.

It doesn’t matter how much your dog begs, just feed him the required serving sizes of the healthy, chosen food based on his weight. Don’t forget to talk to your vet about all the food options!

Have your dog neutered or spayed

lost dog spraying

This option is completely up to you. But in case you consider it, here is what to expect financially:

Spaying or neutering your dog may cost you over $200, but it will help you save a lot of money in the long run. If you think taking care of your current pup is expensive, then try feeding and taking care of a family of eight.

In order to make the procedure less expensive, have it done at low-cost neuter and spay clinics, instead of your regular vet.

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