5 Normal Things You Do That Confuse Your Dog


Last Updated on February 10, 2021

However, soon enough, they start learning that hugs are a good thing, and cuddles are the most precious things they would experience from their human. So don’t worry about confusing your dog. You are only teaching him your love language.

4. We don’t like to be bitten

The playful fight is extremely fun for many puppies because that’s how they bond with other dogs, and according to them, that’s how they would be bonding with you. This is why they must be trained and monitored at an early age to prevent harming anyone with their tiny, razor-sharp teeth. But before the training occurs, you will naturally show how upset you are when your puppy bites you, which will greatly confuse your dog. After all, they were only trying to communicate with you and show their love.  Puppies surely believe that humans take offense easily! 

5. We don’t eat from the trash can

How many times have you found your dog nibbling on food from your trash can? It’s not that they are hungry, but dogs are naturally opportunists who acquire food wherever it’s found.  When you stop a puppy from taking food from the trash or the floor, they get extremely puzzled. Your reactions actually confuse your dog, who can’t understand that you are only protecting his health. So if you leave food (any food) accessible to them, don’t be surprised when they jump right into it. What matters is dogs would quickly adapt to the puzzles we constantly throw at them because they are built to live simply with their favorite human forever.