6 Shocking Backyard Dangers That Could Be Deadly For Your Dog

Last Updated on February 12, 2021

4. Gardening tools

In general, dogs should not be allowed near anything with a pointy edge. That includes shears, hedge clippers, and shovels that are usually somewhere in the backyard. Your pup could innocently run into them or trip over them when they are playing around. Also, they may get curious and start putting those pointy edges in their mouths. Avoid a trip to the emergency vet because of this backyard danger by always hiding away your tools and never leaving them around. You can keep them in a secure shed or anywhere your furry friend can’t reach.

5. Cocoa Mulch

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and that’s not news. But did you know that it’s the same reason why dogs shouldn’t have access to cocoa mulch? It’s all because of Theobromine, an ingredient that makes both toxic to dogs. If a small portion was ingested, the dog would end up in the emergency vet instantly. Gardeners usually spread it in a flower bed to add instant curb appeal, pleasant smell, and retain moisture. So if you are a dog owner, make sure cocoa mulch isn’t allowed in your backyard. You should know that dogs can be easily attracted to the smell of this backyard danger, and since it smells so good, they will not hesitate to take a bite -or bites!

6. Sticks

One of the greatest friendships is between a dog and his stick, but if the dog is obsessed with swallowing what he chews, then we have a problem. If your pup swallowed a part of a chewed-up stick, he might start dealing with a major choking hazard because it could block his airways and send him into a panic mode. Those sticks can also have pointy shards and splinter of woods that could injure his mouth, stomach, intestines, and esophagus. You need to keep up with mawn maintenance and clean up tree debris regularly. If you are living in a wooded area, then your chew-happy pup should never be left unsupervised.