Common Dog Behavior Problems You Need To Know


Last Updated on February 16, 2021

3. Chewing

Is your dog chewing on your shoes, clothes, furniture, or even your homework? Dogs chew for several reasons; either because they’re bored, anxious, curious about an item, or they have a lot of energy to burn. If your dog just doesn’t seem to stop, it could signal a behavior problem, so try to replace the items your dog chews on and get them a chew toy instead. Get plenty of chew toys!

4. Frequent urination

When nature calls, your dog has to answer! But, what if they urinate everywhere around the house despite the hard work you put into potty-training them? This can be quite frustrating, but before everything else, you need to take your dog to the vet and see if they don’t have a health problem that causes them to urinate too much. If all is good, here are some of the common reasons behind inappropriate urination: Anxiety or fear Submissive urination Territory-marking behavior Pay attention to your dog and whether something triggers that behavior. Try to eliminate anything in your house that might be threatening to your dog.

5. Biting

Dogs bite or nip for many reasons, and the most common ones are the following: They feel threatened or scared. They feel pain or discomfort. They are an aggressive dog breed. It is only through proper training that you can decrease your dog’s tendency to bite. But one of the easier ways to reduce dog biting is by socializing your dog from an early age. Introduce your dog to new faces and other dogs when they’re still in puppy age so that they won’t get aggressive whenever someone new approaches them. And those were the most common dog behavior problems. All starts with obedience training first, so don’t lose hope in your dog!