5 Aggressive Dangerous Dog Breeds You Should Be Careful Of

dangerous dog

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Do you have a dangerous dog? Well, if you’re not sure, you might want to take a look here! But first, you should know that some dogs are more dangerous than others, and it all goes down to poor dog training. And I’m not talking about potty training; I’m talking about obedience training that can mellow down a dog’s aggressiveness and make them less dangerous. However, if you give an aggressive dog breed little to no training, you will be risking your safety and that of your family. Just look at the statistics: some 4.5 million dog bites take place each year in the United States, according to DogsBite.org. So, if you’re not sure whether your new pet dog is one of the aggressive dog breeds(or rather dangerous ones), you should check out this list now! 1. American Pit Bull Terrier Dubbed as the most dangerous dog breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier is known for its aggressive personality, intelligence, zest, confidence, and dedication. The American Pit Bull is a medium-sized, intelligent, short-haired dog with a rather intimidating gaze. It really does not come as a surprise that this dog was banned across the world because, in the last 13 years, it killed 284 people in the US, which comprises 66% (284) of canine-caused deaths. 2. Doberman Pinschers Doberman Pinschers are also some of the most aggressive dogs that are very intelligent and can be both sniffer dogs and guard dogs. Some families also take these dogs as pets. These can be very protective family dogs when trained thoroughly, but it’s best to socialize them from an early age as they can be quite territorial and aggressive towards other dogs and people. 3. German Shepherd German Shepherds are famous as police dogs, and they can be great companions as well. But, statistics show that this dog breed was involved in the death of 20 people in the United States in recent years. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and do great at sports and enduring tasks, but their bite has a force of 1,060 newtons, so make sure to train them very well to avoid any tragic incidents.