How to Teach Your Puppy Tricks in One Week


Last Updated on December 17, 2020

© pixabay Whether you have a new puppy or you’re still considering adopting one, you’re probably already thinking about all the tricks you want to teach them. But you have to remind yourself that puppies are just like babies. They’re very playful and innocent and might take longer to pick up on things, which can make the training process a little bit frustrating and time-consuming.  To have effective puppy training at home, you need to be patient and be aware that some puppies might take longer than others to learn.  So let’s see some of the best puppy training tips every parent needs to know!

1. Make sure you both are in a good mood

Dogs are just like us humans, they can also be grumpy, mad, or simply feeling too lazy to do anything. This is why sometimes, you might find it difficult to get your dog’s attention or to teach them something.  To change this, there’s nothing like going for a morning walk with your puppy. The fresh air and the physical exercise will leave both of you feeling happy and energetic. It takes two to tango, and in this case, it takes you and your puppy in a good mood and full of energy to make the training session go smoothly.  Another way to improve your dog’s mood is by playing with them for a bit before getting down to business. Play for 20 minutes, let them rest for another 20, and then you can start your session!  Just don’t make the training session look too serious or boring. If you keep it light and fun, you will have better chances of your dog obeying and enjoying the training class!

2. Don’t forget the treats

Treats are the key ingredient for training your puppy or any other pet you might have. Everyone enjoys being rewarded for the things they have done, which means if your dog follows a direction or does a trick, you should immediately give them treats to encourage these types of behavior.  Let’s say your doggo sits on command, this is a reason to give him a couple of treats and a little pat on the back. Next time you say the word “sit,” your dog will most likely obey because he now knows that will get him treats! Some of the most famous puppy training treats are the wellness soft puppy bites, the blue bits Salmon Recipe, and the old mother Hubbard Crunchy Natural Treat. However, always consult with the vet about the best type of food for your dog. What can be great for one dog can be bad for others.