5 Delicious Human Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

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Last Updated on April 19, 2021

When eating your meal, your dog won’t stop roaming around to earn your sympathy with his cute eyes to win a few bites from the human food. There is no harm in letting them share food with you, except a few food items that can actually be deadly for him! Before you slip anything into your dog’s mouth, please make sure it’s not going to harm his health. You will be surprised at how many things can damage him that you never even thought about.  Here you will find five human food that can actually kill your furry friend. 

1. Grapes and raisins

Those little sweet snacks that we enjoy eating randomly throughout the day are the enemies of your dog. Those tiny delicious fruits can lead to acute kidney failure and cause your pup to suffer and the inability to urinate. If your four-legged friend swallowed any of this human food, contact the vet immediately and try to help him vomit as soon as possible to decrease the danger. And please, don’t keep any grapes or raisins where he can reach. 

2. Chocolate

Yes, this delicious human food that we can’t live without is actually very poisonous to dogs. In fact, it is poisonous to all pets. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, leading to unhealthy heart rhythm, seizures, tremors, and even death. If your dog ate chocolate, don’t waste a second! Call your vet immediately or the Pet Poison Hotline.

3. Garlic and onions

No human food would taste good if garlic or onions are not involved, which basically makes the majority of our meals deadly to our dogs. Garlic and onions in any form, powered, raw, and dehydrated, are very dangerous to dogs. They can damage the red blood cells of your dog instantly, which can lead to anemia. Be extremely careful when you decide to share any bite of your dinner with him.

4. Alcohol

We believe that this one is a no-brainer, but mentioning it in this list is still important because alcohol is a real life-threatening beverage for pets! Basically, it does to your furry friend’s brain and liver what it does to you, minus the good times and embarrassing memories. Anyway, the dog’s tolerance to alcohol is dangerously low, which means a tiny bit of this beverage can damage all of your dog’s organs.