How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Off The Counter!


Last Updated on January 4, 2021

Being a dog parent is one of the most rewarding things in the universe, but it’s not always easy, especially during the dog training phase. Getting a dog to behave the way you want them to can be quite challenging, and among all the challenges you may face, there is a pretty common one: the fact that your puppy will enjoy jumping on the table or counter to steal some snacks. There is nothing more common than dogs eating from the kitchen counter, but it’s a bad habit you can try to control.

Here is how to train your dog to stop eating from the counter!

1. Don’t Leave Food On The Counter

Before figuring out how to train your dog successfully, you can try to train yourself not to leave food on the counter in the first place. If your dog manages to jump on top of the counter and they find food by any chance, they will get the feeling that their bad behavior is being rewarded, and they will be more likely to repeat this action more often. And some dogs might feel happy if they snatch something other than food out of the counter, so it’s extra important to keep your counters clean and as empty as possible.

2. Get Your Dog To Keep All Paws On The Floor

As long you keep your counters clear and empty, your dog will have no reason to want to jump on them other than the fact that they feel like it. To prevent that from happening, you need to let your furry best friend know that keeping all of their paws on the floor can get them some sweet dog treats. You can change your dog’s behavior with some simple steps. For example, every time you are in the kitchen and your puppy is following you around, throw them a treat if they have all paws on the floor. They will start to assimilate this posture by receiving a reward, and, on the other hand, they will notice that they never get a treat when they are jumping around. Another useful thing you can do is to place a mat somewhere in the kitchen and train them to sit or lay there while you cook. And even when they get this trick down, it’s important to keep rewarding them, so they don’t tend to misbehave later in life.

3. Feed Them Nothing But Dog Food

If you want a healthy dog, the pet food you choose must be appropriate for their breed, age, and size. If you feed your dog nothing but dog food, they will have less of a tendency to go around the house trying to snatch human food or random treats, which will also make them less likely to jump on the counter. As long as their food bowl is full, you will have a happy dog, and everyone knows that happy dog equals happy dog parent, right?

4. Teach Your Dog To Leave It

You can do your best as a dog trainer to keep your puppy off the kitchen counters, but some things can get out of your control, and someone may end up leaving a piece of food on the table, for example, and it can be hard for your canine friend to resist it. However, if you train your puppy to understand and obey the “leave it” command, it will be easier to deal with these unforeseen circumstances. To make this process more effective, first, be sure that they respond to this command. If they do, as soon as all of their paws are on the floor, reward their good behavior with a treat to reinforce it.

5. If Nothing Works, Hire A Dog Behaviorist

All the techniques we have mentioned before tend to be quite effective, but if none of them seem to be working with your puppy, maybe you need to seek professional help from a dog behaviorist. A professional dog trainer can help you understand where the communication process between you and your dog is failing and find new ways to correct their behavior. Until then, consistency and patience are the key to success, so keep training your puppy and don’t give up.