Methods To Sharpen Your Dog’s Mind From An Early Age!


Last Updated on January 9, 2021

So you have recently brought a new puppy into your home? Lucky you! There are plenty of reasons why dogs are the most precious creatures! They are friendly, quirky, loyal, and they bring positivity into our lives. And let’s not forget, dogs are also quite intelligent. So if you’ve just welcomed a new puppy into your family and have little to no idea how to raise it, just know that your puppy can be a fast learner as long as you teach it properly. What does your puppy have to learn? Well, among the essential skills (dog commands or obedience training) that every dog should learn include potty training, “sit” and “wait” commands, and staying calm around other dogs, etc. Now let’s see how to make your puppy’s mind sharp with these six proven methods. Just make sure you have some dog treats in your pocket!

1. Early socialization

One of the wisest measures you can take to make your dog’s mind sharper is by socializing them from an early age. And by “socializing,” I mean introducing them to other people and other dogs while also protecting their safety and comforting them when they’re restless during the early stages of socialization. You should keep in mind that the sensitive socialization period for puppies lasts about four months, so don’t give up and keep trying to safely expose them to new things, which will boost their intelligence and benefit them in their adult age.

2. Train your dog early

As I mentioned, the earlier you teach your dog a new skill, the better. It will make your dog smarter from an early age and make it easier for you to teach them other skills when they’re older. Whether it is potty training or obedience training, start when your dog is still a puppy, and encourage them with yummy dog food or treats when they succeed in learning a new skill! Note: Do not spoil your dogs with treats when they’re not doing anything to deserve (I know you can’t resist but try!), they will get lazy!

3. Keep your dog stimulated

Like kids, dogs need their brains to stay stimulated, which sharpens their intelligence and makes them even easier to teach. How can you do that? Teach your puppy new tricks, play fetch games, introduce it to new faces, give them dog toys like puzzle balls or Kong wobbler, etc. All of these will keep your puppy’s mind sharp and young!

4. Create problems/obstacles

Just like us, dogs can learn from the problems and obstacles that they face. If you want to keep your dog’s mind sharp, constantly expose them to tests. Instead of giving him treats in a normal dog bowl, for example, put the food in a bowl that would make it more challenging for him to get the treats. Continue to test your puppy’s intelligence like that, and that will definitely sharpen their mind.

5. Give your dog praise

As mentioned earlier, treats should not be given just like that; your puppy should earn them! So, whenever your dog completes a test, be generous in giving praise; Pet and give them their well-deserved treats. Dogs can feel when you’re pleased with them, so show your affections, and you will have a happy, smart, and healthy dog. Are you training your dog? Tell us what breed your dog is and how sharp is their mind!