Is Ice Cream Safe For Dogs?

is ice cream safe for dogs?

Last Updated on April 15, 2021

When asking the question is ice cream safe for dogs? the first thing that would come to your mind is that the internet is loaded with irresistibly cute pictures of dog owners sharing their favorite summer treat, ice cream, with their dogs. But this doesn’t mean you should do the same! So, Is ice cream safe for dogs? Well, ice cream is generally considered a safe treat for your dog, but before you give your dog a lick or two, you should consider the following cautions. Otherwise, your pampered pooch can get really sick, and you will eventually feel guilty for not resisting his puppy dog eyes! Jump in to read more!

When You Shouldn’t Share Your Ice Cream?

While ice cream is in general considered a safe treat for your dog, there are some situations where it can put your dog’s health at risk. Is ice cream safe for dogs? Check below three situations in which you should never share ice cream with your dog no matter what!

1. Your Pampered Dog Is Lactose Intolerant

To digest food properly, your dog needs digestive enzymes, which break down the food and help your dog’s body to absorb all the necessary nutrients. However, when it comes to ice cream, your dog needs a particular digestive enzyme known as lactase. And that’s because it’s the only digestive enzyme that could help your dog break the lactose existing in ice cream ( and other dairy products) into simple sugars. However….., Just like humans, some dogs don’t produce enough lactase to digest lactose. Therefore, sharing ice cream with your dog, which is a dairy product containing lactose, can lead to lactose intolerance and cause your dog some digestive issues and other symptoms like: So if you want to give some of your ice cream to  your favorite four-legged friend, I really recommend that you start slow to see how his body will react!

2. The Ice Cream Contains Dangerous Ingredients.

Ice cream flavors like vanilla should be safe for most dogs, but other flavors can put your pooch’s life at risk. And this includes products with chocolate chunks, chocolate ice cream, etc.