7 Cutest Dog Breeds Ever (Trust Me, You Are Not Ready!)


Last Updated on April 7, 2021

cutest dog breeds
No matter the breed, dogs are the cutest creatures on earth, and I’m not even exaggerating! They are literal balls of sunshine, illuminating our worlds and bring out the best qualities in us — care, affection, protectiveness, and sacrifice.  Having a dog in your house makes your life better and even healthier both mentally (you have positive energy with you at all times!) and physically, thanks to long walks, regular exercise, and dog games! If you are already a dog parent, I bet you’re generous with your “awws” and gasps of endearment whenever your dog does something cute (your dog sneezing? Aww. Your dog breathing? Double aww)!  Alright, we get it, all dogs are cute but let’s see what people think are “the cutest dog breeds on earth!”

1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Oh my god, just look at this squishy cutie (I swear I’m trying not to be dramatic but it’s just too cute)!  For your information, Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite, and we can all see why; those big fluffy ears, sweet smile, and small foxy face! These dogs just make you smile because of their adorableness not only in appearance but also in personality.

2. Golden Retriever

You haven’t experienced true joy if you’ve never been around the Golden retriever! The golden retriever puppy’s smile is irresistibly adorable and makes your bad day a better day! This breed is highly energetic and joyful so get ready for a ride and some fun! Just prepare some dog treats for this ball of fluff; they deserve them just for existing!

3. Yorkshire Terrier

This small furball is what you can call a day-maker — no matter how down you feel, being around this lovely dog breed will make your day!  These dogs used to be known as the elite’s pet companions after starting off as workers in Victorian factories! Yorkies LOVE to cuddle, so make sure to shower them with affection and treats!

4. Pugs

Seriously, why are pugs so cut? I’m not complaining but rather gushing at these cute little creatures with the most innocent and hopeful eyes!