5 Scary Reasons Why The Dog Parks Are Dangerous For Your Dog



Last Updated on December 30, 2020

The love you have for your pampered four-legged friend is priceless. Seeing them growing to be a happy and healthy adult is just all you have ever wished for!

We are definitely not doubting the love you have for your pooch but you might be harming them unintentionally when taking them to the dog park!


One of the major concerns at dog parks is dog fights. Taking your dog to such parks means putting them in the middle of many dogs ranging from different breeds whose temperaments and reactions you totally ignore.You might be thinking now that your dog is super friendly and not aggressive to engage in such fights. Well, we are not saying otherwise but if your dog is not others might be!

For this reason, it is very important to take all your caution and prepare for ever thinking to take your dog there in order to keep them safe and out of harm. The wise thing you should do is visit the park alone.


When we say alone, we mean you should go there without your dog. You’d better repeat this visit during many times a day to see when it’s crowded and when it’s not. Of course, don’t forget to observe the whole atmosphere out there.

If your dog is new to the park, then you’d better take them during off hours. This way, you will find it more easy to control your dog and also the surrounding dogs.

We feel responsible to warn you that some dogs in dog parks are in pack mentality. This means that when a new dog is added to the mix, others will do all their best to make the new dog regrets the visit.

So, they will be more aggressive to him. The newcomer is not always welcomed in dog parks, therefore, you’d better avoid such confrontation in the first place!


Another serious trouble you might confront when you take your dog to the dog parks is the irresponsible owner. The problem here is not about dogs rather about their owners. Dogs are animals that learn by habits and consistency.In another word, they only follow the steps of their owners. If the ower is irresponsible, the dog will be automatically the same.

Despite the fact that these responsible owners are fully aware that their dogs are out of control and are not really meant to be off-leash when in dogs parks, they set them free and think not about the consequences. Even worse, they don’t even pay attention to what the dog is doing!

To keep you informed, if it happens and any problem arises, such as a confrontation between your dog and that of the irresponsible owner, you’d better leave the park instead of arguing over which dog is right and which one is wrong!


Dog parks can be teeming with bacteria and germs that can be found in soil, water, and even air which eventually may cause your dog serious health issues, especially if your dog is not fully vaccinated. In addition to this, in dogs parks, your dog is more likely to get infected by some diseases that can be transmitted as a result of being frequently in contact with other dogs.

Hence, it is important to take your dog to his most unwanted appointment and check with the Vet if there are any additional vaccination that they can give your dog before they take the trip to the park!

Because your dog will be all the time running, jumping, and playing, his body will need to stay hydrated, therefore, will need to drink more water than they usually do. So, remember to take your own water bowl with you to the part to keep your dog safe from any bad bacteria living in the shared water dished in the park!

If you don’t wanna end up with little puppies, make sure your dog is neutered or spayed before taking him or her to the park. Aggression is not the only concern but unexpected pregnancies are also a common one!


The dog parks allow all the different sizes, shapes, and breeds that’s why it is important to take all the required caution to protect your pet from any harm. Normally, in every dog park, you will find that dogs of big sizes are separated from the dogs of small sizes.

This is really a plus for you and your dog. You will have the choice to take your dog in a larger space where he/she can play and have fun and be safe from any violent reactions of bigger ones.

However, if you choose to take your dog where the bigger sizes, then blame only yourself. The consequences might be really deadly and you might lose your lovely pet in a blink of an eye.

However, if your little one enjoys playing with the big sizes, you can, for example, set up playdates with other owners, so your dogs can be monitored an controlled in a more confined setting.


If something happens to your dog in the dog park such as a very aggressive fight and a confrontation as a result of which he/she was injured, bitten, or bled, then be ready to expect some massive changes at the level of his/her character and overall behavior.

You might, for instance, notice that your dog is no longer daring, cowering all the time and especially when with other dogs, and he/she might even be experiencing panic attacks, fear when they have a flashback about the incident.

Dogs parks can be very fun and exciting places to be but also they can be dangerous and life-threatening. By learning about these common dangers that are most encountered at dog parks you will help your dog stay happy and safe!