11 Ways To Train A Dog To Stop Barking


Last Updated on December 24, 2020

A dog can be quite noisy, especially if he enjoys barking 24/7. For those who suffer from current headaches or live in an apartment, having a dog barking can cause arguments between you and your neighbors and even affect your mental health. You can never expect, of course, your dog not to bark. There are many reasons dogs bark, they bark to alert you, greet you, and sometimes a bark can be extremely helpful, like if an intruder is trying to break into your house. However, we agree on something, a dog barking at nothing and for no reason is alarming, so here you have 11 tips on stopping a dog from barking excessively.

1. Identify the root of the problem

Again, dogs can bark for many reasons. From fear to happiness, defending their owner or fight other animals who approach. Barking can also be a result of separation anxiety or loneliness. It’s your job as an owner to figure out why your dog is barking so you can start working on fixing the issue.

2. Work on it from the beginning

If your dog barks excessively, you should start working on a solution right away. Otherwise, they’ll grow up with this habit, which will be harder to resolve once they’re older. There are multiple dog bark control apps out there that might help to control your dog. For example, Furbo will send alerts to your phone that your dog is barking, and it allows you to speak and see your dog whenever he’s barking to make sure he’s ok. This is great for those times where you’re working, and your dog is feeling lonely. Also, the machine works as a treat dispenser. It’s a great interactive machine but also an expensive one over 100 dollars. You also have the stop dog barking app, available in google play and the apple store. This simple yet effective app will produce many different frequencies of whistles that you can play whenever your dog barks, which will make them immediately stop. Over time, they’ll start to realize they shouldn’t bark so much.