10 Free Online Courses That Will Make You Great Pet Parent!


Last Updated on September 3, 2020

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Whether you’re already a pet parent or considering it, having deep knowledge about your pet’s feelings and behaviors is
always important.

Many pet parents get their tips on how to take care of their animals through their friends or the internet, but there
are other ways you can gain knowledge and information.

Online courses and books are the best ways of getting detailed and certified information from specialists.

If you want to give your pet the best treatment, then you should also invest in good education. And in this case, you’d
only have to spend time since every course on this list is free!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into some of the best courses and books to learn about how to care for your dog or
other pet in the best way possible!

1. University of
Edinburgh – The Truth About Cats and Dogs

If you’re interested in learning about your pet’s behavior and needs, this course will answer every question you
might have about your cat or dog’s behavior problems.
Why do they act the way they do, what a wagging tail might mean, how they express their emotions, and so on.

2. Duke
University – Dog Emotion and Cognition

Animals have unique ways of expressing their emotions. So, how can you truly understand and connect with your
dog? If you’re interested in zoopsychology and crave a deeper connection with your pet, you should take this
curse that Duke University offers.

You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar

Moving into books, do you still read them? Or do you find them to be outdated? No matter what your opinion
might be, we can all agree that books won’t ever lose their meaning. And nowadays, you can even read your
book online or listen to them.

This book by Ian Dunbar is available as an Audiobook, online book, and paper book, so you can choose
whatever format you prefer. But why should you read it?

For those who are still thinking about taking the big step and becoming a pet parent, you could use some
information about the subject to make a good decision and receive your puppy in the best way possible. So if
you’re considering adopting a new pet dog, read this book so that you know what to expect!