10 hilarious dog breeds that require a funny owner!

hilarious dog breeds

Last Updated on February 5, 2021

there are Some hilarious dog breeds that are funny due to their appearance. Others are known to have very specific characteristics that make them super fun to be around, while others just develop fun personalities over time. The truth is, if you clicked on this article, it’s probably because you consider yourself to be a funny person as well. You’re probably curious about what dog would complement your unique personality. You’ve certainly come to the right place because here you’ll learn all about the funniest dog breed in the world! They may have a unique look to them or may have been rated as super fun by loads of people. Curious? Let’s hop right into all the funny dog breeds you need to know!

1. Bergamasco

The classic dreadlock dog, with amazing long hair that sometimes even covers their eyes, the Bergamasco Shepherd is known as a sheepdog, which means they are super organized, intelligent, and patient. Although they may be scary looking at first, they’re sweethearts and do amazing with kids and big families. Besides, they look super funny when running due to all the dangling fur! So whether you’re looking for a family dog or have a farm you want to look out for, the Bergamasco won’t disappoint.

2. Xoloitzcuintli

If Xoloitzcuintli is too hard, you can also refer to this dog by the Mexican hairless dog breed. They are not very common and were considered sacred animals by the Toltecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, who believed this breed had healing powers. We can’t confirm whether that’s true or not, but what we can say is that this dog is super lovable and funny! They’re very protective, intelligent, and alert to any possible danger.

3. Chinese Crested

This is one of the few dog breeds that may not be everyone’s type, but you shouldn’t be so quick to judge this breed just yet. Chinese Crested dogs are often known as the “Ugly Dog” due to their unique appearance and crazy hairstyle that can vary from a mohawk or a natural flowy style. But the truth is, they’re very sweet and affectionate animals who certainly don’t deserve being mocked for their unique looks! They are small-sized dogs, ideal for someone who lives in a small apartment and needs a lovely yet funny companion.