10 Signs Your Dog Is Very Happy With You!


Last Updated on February 26, 2020

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Dogs are pretty straightforward when showing happiness. So, it’s easy for dog parents to tell if their furry love is happy just by looking at the dog happiness signs he/she shows them every day.

And since our beloved pups can’t speak it out, it’s our job to figure out the meanings of their behaviors to make sure they’re happy and healthy.
Here’s how to know if your dog is happy (and we hope she/he really is).

10. Your dog greets you when you get home

Depending on your dog’s personality, he/she may be jumping up and down in excitement or patiently waiting for you as you turn the key to unlock the door. While a dog’s greeting style can vary, the message is the same: your dog is happy to see you.

When your pup consistently meets you at the door, it’s one of the signs of a happy dog who is clearly eager to interact with you. Plus, this also shows that you two share a powerful and positive bond.

However, if your dog’s greeting enthusiasm suddenly begins to decrease, you might consider consulting your vet to rule out any lethargy-related issues.

9. Your dog exposes his/her belly to you

An exposed fluffy belly isn’t only the most adorable thing in the world but is also a solid sign that you have a happy dog, and when accompanied with a wagging tail, light panting, and a slightly open mouth, it means your dog really trusts you or that they would really love a little belly rub!

It’s truly heartwarming to know that your dog isn’t only happy to be with you but also trusts you.

8. Your dog is behaving well

Destructive or aggressive behaviors in dogs, including snarling, biting, and messing up furniture, usually indicate that the pet is suffering from stress, anxiety, or boredom. Meaning they’re definitely not happy.

A happy dog, however, tends to exhibit good behavior, which is a deeper sign of contentment.

Keep in mind that this rule doesn’t apply to every pup because certain dog breeds are naturally feistier than others. But generally, good manners are signs of a happy dog.

7. Your dog loves cuddling up with you on the couch

While many pet owners don’t allow dogs on the couch, those who actually do should know that their furry family member expresses happiness when he/she hops up to curl up close to you on the couch. It’s one of the signs your dog is happy to be around you.

Dogs are social creatures who love snuggling to whomever they feel bonded to. It’s also a sign of trust and peacefulness.

6. Your dog leans into you

Just like cuddling with you on the couch, if your pup is always leaning against you, it means that they enjoy your company.

When your dog rests its body against you, you’d probably feel the joyful and warm energy coming from it. But if you didn’t, be sure that it’s a sign your pup is happy to be close to you as well as he/she trusts you enough to choose to be that close to you.

5. Your dog has a healthy appetite

If your dog is always excited for meal time, then he/she is generally feeling content. A good appetite is one of the primary signs of a happy, healthy dog, so be careful when your pup exhibits a decreased appetite, loss of interest in food, or is refusing to eat.

These are usually signs of stress, anxiety, or a serious health problem that requires veterinary attention.

As long as your furry friend is having a good appetite, you shouldn’t worry.

4. Your dog gets excited when the leash comes out

Your dog can make a positive connection with the leash or harness if he/she’s been having a good time whenever you go out.

This way they create a positive link between the leash and going out to have fun, which sets them off into a happy dance that consists of feet tapping, spinning in circles, and jumping up and down. All of these moves mean your dog is happy with their lifestyle.

3. Your dog gets the zoomies

All dog parents know that dogs love running. When a dog is very happy, he/she gets too excited and needs to burn off that additional energy that’s spinning all over their body.

So a dog would run in circles multiple times with their tongue out, mouth open, and tail up. Some dogs would even bark in an attempt to show you how happy they are.
While it’s enjoyable to see how happy your dog is, you may want to stay out of their way.

2. Your dog does a full-body wag

When your dog moves their entire body to do a wag, it’s a clear sign that they’re content and happy. You may notice this behavior more often before meals, before heading to the dog park, after you wake up in the morning, or before a fun car ride.

However, you need to keep in mind that not all tail wags are a sign of happiness in dogs, particularly stiff wags that don’t engage the rest of the body and which actually indicate anxiety, aggression, or fear.

1. Your dog seems calm and relaxed

If your dog has a chill attitude, you shouldn’t worry because happy dogs aren’t always overt about their joyfulness. A calm and easygoing dog can also be very happy, especially if their eyes are soft, mouth is slightly open, ears are up and forward, and they’re lightly panting.

How many of these signs do you notice in your dog? Tell us in the comments.
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