10 Strong and Massive Dog Breeds You’d Do Well Not to Mess with


Last Updated on March 20, 2021

You know that owning a dog is not all the time hunky-dory. When they’re still pets, sure it is. However, once they grow—and we mean, really grow—some of them become really strong and hard to deal with.

Nevertheless, dogs never fail to fill us with different kinds of positive emotions, no matter what size they are. That is why we cannot manage without them.

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that the size of a dog correlates with the amount of aggression that the dog is capable of exhibiting. Therefore, it is advisable not to mess with a massive dog.

Believe us, the consequences could be ugly. For your sake, we have compiled a list of the most powerful dog breeds that you should never mess with. So, be wise with dogs, and keep away from trouble.

Disclaimer: The dog breeds mentioned are not all aggressive by nature but are typically brought up to be.

#1 – English Mastiff

These wise-looking animals are massive in size. They have a muscular build and their facial features, similar to those of pugs, are a treat to look at. They are a modern breed, having been introduced into the world of dogs in the 19th century.

They are noble and easygoing but will jump to the rescue in the event of something bad happening to their owner. At their full size, the males could weigh up to 250 pounds, with females reaching up to 180 pounds.

#2 – Great Dane

Great Danes are… well, great! They belonged to the many German breeds out there in the world and are famous for their tall bodies.

The average height of a male Great Dane, for example, is 30 inches. The way they are built, therefore, makes them some of the strongest dogs breeds alive on the planet.

Moreover, they are a great companion to your kids and can help fend off any dangerous thing that could happen to them. Males can reach up to 120 pounds and females go as high as 100 pounds.

#3 – Rottweiler

Don’t you just love Rottweilers when they smile? Of course, you do! Rottweilers are not very massive, but they are strong and can be very vicious if not trained properly. If you want to keep their temperament in check, you need to train them with care.

That’s because they tend to be very aggressive toward people they don’t know that well. However, you’ll be happy to know that they are very protective of their owners. In terms of body weight, males range between 110 and 130 pounds and females between 77 and 106 pounds.

#4 – Kangal

This one is another wise-looking beast of a dog, but they are not as big as Great Danes. At their highest weight male Kangals reach up to 140 pounds, with females reaching 120 pounds.

This particular breed comes from turkey, where they were first bred to guard livestock animals against predatory animals.

Temperament-wise, they are very gentle and loyal to their owners, but they can become very ferocious whenever they sense the presence of any danger. They are, moreover, awesome company for the kids and very intelligent to interact with.

#5 – St. Bernard

A successful rescue mission in the Swiss Alps will always have one or two St. Bernard dogs in the team. They excel at this job because they were originally bred for it.

They have huge bodies and thick fur. They are calm and friendly. People who own St. Bernards know how great they are with kids and that they can protect them. Interestingly, the weight of these giants ranges between 140 and260 pounds, but they can reach up to 310 pounds. (!!)

#6 – Bull Dog

This one shares the facial characteristics of both pugs and English Mastiffs. They’re not very big. However, what they lack in size make up for in power.

They have very muscular bodies and are very brave. Also, being calm and loyal… these two of their strongest suits; so it’s nice to own one. At times, however, they can get a little aggressive, but nothing that good training can’t take away. Males can reach up to 55 pounds and females up to 50 pounds.

#7 – German Shepherd

This one is another beast that was originally bred in Germany. As with Kangals, they were first bred to herd sheep and guard livestock, but man has gradually made use of them in other services. They are extremely intelligent, which makes training them very easy.

They are very strong yet calm and attentive. Good training, moreover, can ease off any aggression they might be exhibiting. The weight of male German Shepherds ranges between 66 and 88 pounds, and females can reach up to 71 pounds with a low weight of 49 pounds.

#8 – Siberian Husky

A quick look at them and you’ll immediately be reminded of a wolf. These awesome, cute-looking beasts are used to living in extremely cold conditions, and they were first bred to pull sleds with heavy payloads in the cold Siberian snow.

Their temperament is great, and they are very great with kids. Moreover, they have their fair share of aggression. But could training can easily bring them back on track. In terms of weight, male huskies reach up to 60 pounds; their female counterparts are only 10 pounds shy of that (50 pounds).

#9 – American Pit Bull Terrier

The first thing one notices about these creatures is their great muscles. Their bodies are very lean and strong, and that’s because they were first bred for fighting purposes. Therefore, they can show a little aggression.

So, if you plan to own one, you should know that you will need to make your dog follow a strict training regiment to ease off their bad temperament. But once trained, they are great companions. This breed, when fully grown, weighs up to 66 pounds, with females reaching as high as 55 pounds.

#10 – Irish Wolfhound

As the name suggests, Irish Wolfhounds first originated in Ireland. They are considered to be among the tallest dog breeds to ever exist on earth and were first bred to work as guards.

As with other dogs, Irish Wolfhounds have extreme loyalty for their owners and can possibly show aggression towards strangers. Also, they have excellent intellectual capacity and are a great company with kids.

On average, male Irish Wolfhounds weigh up to 120 pounds and females can go up to 105 pounds. In terms of height, males reach 32 inches and females 30 inches.

This has been a list of the 10 massive dog breeds that you should think a lot before messing with. In the fog world, these are the toughest breeds you can come across.

You might have owned one of them in your life. If so, tell us in the comments section how that experience was. Also, what’s the funniest story you can remember that made owning that dog so memorable.