12 ways your Dog’s Tail is trying to communicate with you


Last Updated on March 10, 2020

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Have you ever wondered why dogs wag their tail? Well, dogs are truly fascinating, and they express themselves not only through sound but also through their tails!

Some people never fully understood what tail wagging truly means until they read all of these “tail” secrets! We’ll even throw in a couple of tips to help you understand your pet and how they are feeling.

The different kinds of wagging, and the different settings and people can all fully transform how your pet will react to its surroundings and, in turn, make his tail wag in a chipper or in a downer way!

But rest assured, by the end of this article you will be fully elucidated on what are a few things your dog’s tail is trying to tell you! So buckle up because you’re in for a ride.

1. Limp Tail

If your dog can’t wag, for the life of him, it is a health problem, you should go directly into a veterinary because it could be nerve damage, a broken or dislocated tail. In terms of getting pet life insurance, you should do it beforehand because there is a waiting period until they start covering the expenses. So keep that in mind!

2. Full Body Wag

Truly, this wag is by far teh best! It makes you feel so appreciated and loved, and we all know that is needed from time to time. But in this case, you feel it every single day after you come home from work, tired and sluggish.
Then, who is there to greet you with a very happy welcome, your excited dog! Their whole body wags from happiness and excitement. Your dog may even shake their head. Consider yourself lucky!

3. Slow Wag

This one is a tricky one, you see their face, you see a dog wagging its tail in a slow way, then you realize that something is about to go down but can’t pinpoint what exactly. This attitude should be viewed as unfriendly, this dog is not comfortable in whatever environment you may be in so don’t try to pet them. It could go badly for you.

4. Wag on the right side

Supposedly, dogs that tend to wag their right side are much more lively and friendly compared to dogs that wag their left side. There is information from researchers that conducted a study, and what they came up with was that when dogs want to socialize with their owner they wag on the right. And when they are first introduced to new people, they get a little bit suspicious and wag the left side.

5. Stubby Tails

Breeds with stubby or curly tails are the same as any other breeds. However, since their tails are different, it may seem as though they are less excited when they see you or when you give them dog treats! But worry not, your stubby-tailed dog still loves you!

6. Tucked in

This secret involves the tail being placed between the pooch’s legs. It is a sign that he is scared of where and with whom he’s with, so if you pass a dog with a tucked-in tail try to see if they’re in a bad situation or if the people they’re with are abusing or mistreating him in any way. It’s always good to be on the lookout for these types of situations because they do happen. And no dog should have to be put through something like that.

7. Pulled down

This typically means that the doggo in question isn’t very at ease where they are at, and/or who they are with. This would also mean that they’re feeling nervous and unsure of themselves. Give them their favorite blanket or toy and see if they will calm down.

8. High and Stiff

This movement can be misleading as dog owners get quite confused at what this means, and don’t really know how to handle their pups. But this is what it really means: Your dog is just super attentive and aroused, he feels confident hence the stiff wag. So don’t scold your pooch for this kind of behavior, because nobody likes to be told to stop strutting their stuff!

9. Fast and Shaky

In this situation, don’t do anything rash, because the dog in question could become aggressive. You never know, so it’s always best to play it safe. Study the dog’s behavior and see if it should be best to avoid him until he feels more ok. I feel like this behavior also is one of the signs the dog is scared of you.
So just wait for a happy dog to give a few belly rubs and a pat on the head!

10. Tail Out

This is one of the most common tail wags. When a dog’s tail is out, he or she is probably exploring new territory and is feeling neutral to whatever is happening around them. Territory comes first!

11. Individuality

Well, although this advice is great for most, some dogs are individuals with strong personalities and they dictate what every wag signifies something that is unique to them alone and differs from the majority.

12. Curled toward head

This could mean several different things: maybe, the dog is overstimulated, focused, or simply relaxed. Just try to see other signs to understand what mood the doggo’s in before you approach them.

We hope this article has helped you to better understand your pup and the way he/she operates in this bark crazy world.

Just make your dog feel more comfortable and keep an eye out for his body language to catch anything that may concern their well-being. After all, we just want them to be happy, healthy dogs!