5 Ways Getting A Pet Will Change Your Entire Life!


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Throughout history, animals have always been our companions, in one way or another. Most wild animals such as cats have been domesticated and are a part of our lives, as our furry friends and life companions.

For those who don’t have a pet yet, you are missing out on so much! However, if you do want to adopt a puppy, kitty, or any other animal but still don’t have the means for it, it is actually wise of you, since pets do come with expenses (what with the costs of vaccine shots, pet food, toys, etc) and adopting a pet when you’re not ready will only be unfair to them.

Anyway, back to why you should adopt a pet. Caring for an animal will improve your health and well-being and change your life for the better, not only because of the positive emotions you get from just having a pet around you but also thanks to knowing that you have saved a soul and made their life happier, and therefore yours as well.

Read on to find out all about the top thrilling reasons why you should adopt a pet ASAP and what they will bring to your life!

5. You will save a life

Do you know how many animals get euthanized every year? As many as 12 million are put down because of overpopulation and animal shelters’ inability to find an adoptive family for these poor animals, mainly dogs and cats.

Luckily, over 3 million shelter animals are adopted annually. Still, it is not enough considering the number of animals that get euthanized yearly, which is all the more reason to adopt a pet from animal shelters and give them the happy, comfortable life that they deserve.

By doing this, you will give the chance to other cats and dogs to find room in the shelter or find a family themselves as you encourage other families to adopt, and participate, even if only by 0.1%, in increasing the rate of animals adopted from shelters.

4. You will stay healthy

It is no news that having a pet, especially pet dogs, lowers stress, improves mental health, and promotes fitness and your overall health. According to studies, people who walk their dogs every day for up to 30 minutes have reduced stress levels, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and a more fit body.

The high energy of dogs is contagious, so if you live a sedentary life or are overweight and want to become physically and mentally healthier, perhaps adopting a dog will be the making of you! That is because you will be more motivated to move and become more active as you care for your dog.

Remember that you should walk your dog to keep them healthy, so try your best not to regress to old habits after the excitement of having a dog wears off.

3. Your kids will benefit too

You can’t imagine how abundant the benefits of growing up with a pet are.

By adopting a pet, you will give your kids the chance to experience unconditional love, develop deeper empathy and love for animals, as well as a sense of companionship and responsibility.

Pets can be very therapeutic for your children, especially if your family is undergoing big changes, which then affects the kids, such as moving to a different city, changing schools, or losing a friend.

Having a positive addition to their lives will help them cope and become more active, too. Children also need to exercise and stay active for their brains and bodies to develop properly, so having a dog around will be the perfect way to start.

By adopting a pet, you will also give it a new family and a happier life!

2. You will have a friend for life

Do you have any idea how amazing human-animal friendship is? It is like no other companionship because words are never part of it, only pure emotions of love and devotion. And most importantly, friendship.

Having a pet around uplifts your mood and soul, destroys loneliness, and brings out a more caring side of you that you may have thought was never there.

It gives you feelings of calm, serenity, and strengthens your long-term health. And guess what, studies show that people who have a pet dog may live longer as they benefit from improvements in their improved cardiovascular health, which is amazing given that heart disease, namely, is the first leading cause of death in the world.

1. You will belong to a community

We’ve already talked about how dogs can change your life. This includes bringing new people into your life. Yes, pets, especially dogs, help you socialize and belong to a community, which other pet parents join.

Dog walkers know this very well, as they go out and walk their dogs routinely and meet new people, let their dogs play with other dogs and socialize.

When you get a new pet, don’t forget to prepare pet insurance, get cat or dog toys, high-quality dog food or cat food, and remember that, if you can afford it, getting more pets may do you and them great good!