7 Best Dog Breeds for Full-time Workers



Last Updated on December 29, 2020

Photo by Treddy Chen on Unsplash

Everyone wants a dog, but not everybody has the qualities or living conditions to adopt one. 
Are time and attention some of these qualities? Yes, they totally are. However, if you truly want to adopt a dog even if you are a busy person, you can still make it work! 
From scheduled dog walks to splitting chores with another person, all you need to do is make sure your dog is well cared for, even if that includes hiring a pet-sitter. 
Another important thing to consider is what dog breed you want. If you’re already fixed on a certain breed, we advise you to keep an open mind. Some of the most needy dog breeds, like German shepherds or border collies, are prone to have separation anxiety. Still, there are other strong independent dogs out there that might be a better fit for your lifestyle. 
So, are you ready for a dog? Let’s take a look at the 7 best pets for full-time workers and whether they’re a good choice for your own personality and lifestyle.

1. Maltese

The Maltese breed is one of the top low-maintenance dogs for apartments. What makes them such a good fit for small apartments? You might wonder! Well, firstly, they don’t shed a lot. So if you’re worried about a dirty house, we assure you the Maltese breed won’t make you clean it more times than necessary. However, since they have a lot of hair, you need to brush their fur daily since it can easily tangle.  Besides this, they are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed, so even if you suffer from allergies, having this dog won’t trigger any. 

2. Basset Hound

If you love to sleep and eat, then congratulations, you’ve found your dog soul mate! The basset breed is the best dog to be left alone at home. They have super low energy, so you won’t catch them running around or breaking furniture whenever you’re out. Instead, you’ll come home to your house just as you left it and your dog will probably be sleeping on the couch. Because of this, they are prone to obesity, so keeping track of their food intake and exercise is a must. 


3. Greyhound

Don’t let their size or reputation fool you. The greyhound is another couch potato dog.  They might look like tall fast beasts, but they would rather be lazy all day than being active in reality.  The greyhound is a very reserved dog, he’s quiet and very gentle, great for people who don’t mind having bigger dogs and love being the center of attention. This tall, elegant dog will catch many people’s attention, so if you thrive on that, then this is the best dog for you.

4. French Bulldog

These small wrinkly creatures do love to play, but they are also incredibly independent. The French Bulldog is capable of spending the entire day resting on your couch and the whole afternoon chilling on the bed. But don’t worry, they love to play, and they friendly around other dogs and kids.  They’re also very intelligent, so if you want to train them, you should approach the training sessions as a game to capture their attention.  French Bulldogs are friendly, amiable, and affectionate, making them great for families and small apartments!  

5. Whippet

The Whippet is just like a mini Greyhound since the Whippet adult dog doesn’t grow more than 18-21 inches. They are not only very similar in shape and overall look but also in personality. A whippet dog is docile, calm, and gentle. They are very elegant and quiet, even when walking, so if you enjoy the silence around your house, the Whippet won’t compromise that. Also, they need a peaceful home since they are very sensitive to stress. If you also possess the same values, you would get along just fine with this breed! 

6. Chinese Shar-Pei

Everyone loves a wrinkly dog. Chinese Shar-Peis are super adorable and unique, making them one of the most searched dog breeds ever!  The thing with this breed is that it also requires a lot of work. Shar Peis are very suspicious of strangers and super strong-willed, which can make it difficult for you to train them or get them to obey you. This is why it’s crucial to show them who’s the boss from the moment they step into your house.  Another thing you should take into consideration is their skin because it’s so wrinkly, if not dried properly, it could cause skin rashes and hotspots, so you have to always be the one to dry their skin. 

7. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have a bad reputation, and we get it, but that doesn’t mean they’re mean or have anger issues. In fact, they are confident and very sassy. Even though they’re small, they don’t act like it and are not afraid of confrontation, which makes them great watchdogs. They are super small and lightweight, great for small apartments in the city. Besides, they are the breed that is known to live the longest (about twenty years.) At the end of the day, a dog will always be better off with a caring, busy owner than caged in a dog shelter.  However, suppose you don’t feel like you could meet the pet’s basic necessities, like food, walks, and affection. In that case, these are the reasons you shouldn’t get a dog. If you truly want a pet, consider another option like a cat, hamster, or even a fish.  And if you have friends who love dogs but are also very busy, share this list with them! Adopting a dog is something that should be encouraged, so let’s spread the message!