7 Signs Your Puppy Is Officially An Adult!


Last Updated on August 8, 2020

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You probably know how old your dog is, but do you know if it has become an adult yet? Most people don’t, so if you’re wondering how to know if your dog is no longer a puppy, then you’ve come to the right place!

Everyone loves puppies, but unfortunately, they don’t stay that way forever.

In larger breeds, puppies tend to make their transition to adults after 15 months, while in smaller breeds, they’re considered to be adults after their 9th month.

Besides the obvious appearance, your dog might present some different behaviors that could tell you that he’s not a puppy anymore.

Keep reading so you can check out these seven signs your puppy has grown and what changes you should make as an adult dog owner.

1. Their puppy teeth are gone

Dental care is very important in adult dogs, so it’s crucial that you know when it’s time to visit the dentist with your pet.

Puppy teething usually doesn’t last for more than six months, which means after this mark, you must start to pay extra attention to their dental health and also make an effort to get high-quality dog food that won’t mess up their teeth too bad.

As an adult dog owner, you should brush your dog’s teeth at least three times per week, it’s important you get your dog used to it, which means you have to set a routine.

In the beginning, it might be hard, but most dogs get over it. If you truly feel like your dog hates that you brush their teeth, then don’t force them.

Simply get those dog treats that are meant to help with dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth and ask your vet for additional help.

2. They’re not making a mess anymore

One good aspect of your puppy turning into an adult is that you won’t have ruined slippers anymore. Well, probably you’ll be cursed forever with chewed slippers and shoes every now and then, but studies show that puppies tend to destroy a lot more than adult dogs.