7 Unexpected Ways Your Dog Is Talking To You


Last Updated on March 19, 2021


One of our ultimate dreams is to see our dogs talking to us and communicating whatever they have in mind with us, everything would be so much easier and life would be a lot better!

Can you imagine your sweet little pooch telling you good morning every day or expressing their love for you whenever they want to (which is all the time!)?

They would have even started giving you relationship advice and telling you their honest opinion of the person you are dating. Life would be so much sweeter, fun, and interesting!

But the question remains: Can dogs communicate?

Our dogs may not be capable to communicate real words with us, but they always try to speak to us. Obviously, it is not your language, but your furry friend is definitely doing its best to talk to you.

We have asked dog experts and they gave us many clues on how do dogs communicate and how to communicate with your dog in order to make your relationship more meaningful!



1. He brings you things

We are sure your dog does this all the time, especially when he wants to play: He brings you his favorite toy, a sock, or a stick to throw.

Since your dog can’t actually tell you that he wants to play or convince you to get up from your couch, he would bring you something that he enjoys playing with and give it to you, hoping that you would understand.

When your pooch asks you to play with him, then he is probably bored and wants to let go of all the piled up energy in his body, so don’t ignore him!

2. He tucks his tail

This is an easy-to-read sign: Every time your dog tucks his tail between his legs and puts his head down, then he is telling you he is scared of the situation he is in.

This is when you need to help him and get him out of the situation that is scaring him immediately.

Not only to protect him but also to protect yourself and any other person/animal involved in the situation. Dogs tend to bite when they are scared as a way to protect themselves and also to let you know about their emotions.

3. They pant, even when it is not hot

Dogs are known to pant a lot when it is warm outside and when they are overheated in order to cool their bodies, but when the temperature seems fine and he starts to pat, then he is trying to tell you that he is stressed.

Whenever you notice this, you have to change whatever you are doing that’s stressing him out or just change his environment to a better one where he can be more comfortable.

You truly don’t want your dog to be experiencing stress because it could lead to physical issues in the future – it is enough that we experience that stress on a daily basis!

4. They whine

When it comes to whining, dogs would do it for many reasons and it is your job to be able to detect his needs. Here are a few things dogs whine about:

• He needs to use the bathroom.

• His water bowl is empty.

• He is excited.

• He is stressed.

You have to take a quick look at the environment in order to tell why your furry friend is whining, for example, if he is whining while standing at the door, then he probably wants to go out, or he is excited about someone standing outside.

5. They suddenly snap their heads


You could easily miss this one because the dog does it quickly, especially if you are handling him: if your pooch whips his head to the area you are touching, then he is either not comfortable you touching him there or that area hurt him.

In both cases, snapping his head is basically a warning to you because if you did it again, he will bite. You need to respect your dog’s wishes by removing your hand or by trying to touch him elsewhere. Make sure to teach this one to your kids to prevent any dangerous accident.

6. He barks at you

If you noticed that your dog barks at you whenever he wants something – a walk, food, playtime, or you to throw a toy, then it is something he learned when you weren’t paying attention.

Your pooch probably barked at you once or twice and it got him what he wanted, so of course, he continued it.

It is a little rude, like a little child nagging at the parents to buy him a toy whenever they go to the store. We know many dog owners that pay dog trainers good money to get them to stop doing it, but after all, it is a way to communicate anyway.

If your dog is still a puppy in the process of learning, then pay attention not to give him what he wants whenever he barks.



7. He poses with a stiff body

Once your dog poses with a stiff body, then you must immediately understand that something is not right and he doesn’t like it. He could do this whenever he sees another dog, a cat, or a new person in his territory.

By understanding this signal, you will be able to avoid the next part that could be filled with fights and bites. Once his body becomes stiff, it is time to switch his attention to something else that would completely distract him.

In order to understand the body language of your dog, you need to keep a close eye on all of his actions and behaviors, but keep in mind that dogs are different, so maybe your dog has a different way of expressing himself!