This Is a List of Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed the Most


Last Updated on October 2, 2020

This Is a List of Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed the Most


Dog hair, or the excess of it lying around the house, is the worst downside of owning a pet dog. Wouldn’t it be nice, dear reader, if there were dog cut, tiny dog breeds that don’t shed?

Well, there are! We have compiled for you a list of dogs that stay small and don’t shed. These dogs are some of the cutest dog breeds you have ever laid eyes on.

Moreover, they are low maintenance dog breeds, which makes the task of tending to them a very easy and straightforward one. Incidentally, the majority of the dogs contained in this list sport some awesome manes and firs; yet they don’t shed.

Moreover, there are also some big that don’t shed, but this list will focus only on small to medium size dogs. We bet you are already thinking about adopting one of these dogs. We wouldn’t blame you!


1. Affenpinscher

This tiny dog sheds very minimal amounts of hair. Moreover, it does that only during select seasons. More importantly, it produces little to no odor, which definitely a plus for anyone interested in adopting this awesome small dog breed.

It is very intelligent and very good-humored.” Interesting fact: the name of this dog in French translates as “mustachioed little devil. We agree that it is mustachioed, but we don’t think it’s a little devil.

2Afghan Hound

2. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound has some of the longest hair among dog breeds. Moreover, it is very beautiful when it’s still and looks gorgeous when the dog starts to run, making it wave like silk all over the place.

If you plan to adopt one, you need to keep in mind that you will have to wash and brush its hair twice a week, in order for it to maintain its beauty.

3American Hairless Terrier

3. American Hairless Terrier

How can a dog that has hairless in its name shed hair? Well, it doesn’t shed hair at all, because it doesn’t have any hair to shed! It is a little dog breed and is very low maintenance.

If you plan to adopt one, you will only have to walk it every day and treat it to a nice, hot bath to keep its skin clean and smelling great.


4. Barbet

This one belongs to medium-sized dogs that don’t shed. It is, moreover, a water dog. That means that it can go and fetch for you that duck you hunted from the lake. They were first bred in France and remain rare in the United States.

Therefore, if you want one, you will have to go overseas to increase your chance of getting your hands in one. They are intelligent and calm, making them great company for the kids.


1. Basenji

This one has a fine coat that sheds only minimally. It resembles the American Hairless Terrier in shape, but it’s not completely bald. More importantly, it does not give off any unpleasant odor, which makes it great to keep around the house.

You will only need to brush its coat from time to time to keep it well-groomed and take it out for a walk every day. If you adopt one, don’t compromise on walks!

6Bedlington terrier

6. Bedlington terrier

The thing that distinguishes this little dog breed the most is its short curly hair. It sheds very little hair and doesn’t need any excessive grooming to stay well-kept.

This makes them very low maintenance. They are fun to hang out with and their affability makes them awesome for little children. They are very energetic, so make sure you’re in shape before you adopt one. Otherwise, you will get tired very easily trying to keep up with it.

7Bichon Frise

7. Bichon Frise

How cute they are!! Looking at their faces sends shivers of ecstasy down your spine! They are some of the cutest dogs that don’t shed.

If you feel, therefore, that your child is feeling lonely, consider getting him or her a Bichon Frise, especially that you won’t have to go around the house cleaning falling hair behind it. You will have to keep it well-groomed, however. Otherwise, it can get upset.

8Brussels Griffon

8. Brussels Griffon

Although this one looks grumpy, it is very cute, despite the fact that it likes to assert authority around the house. This dog breed is one of those very practical small dog breeds to keep around the house.

If you adopt one of these, you will notice that it likes attention, so you better give it its due share of attention. More importantly, don’t forget to give it a proper grooming once in a while.

9Chinese Crested

9. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is not entirely hairless; rather, it has hair on select places on its body. It has hair on its feet and head. The hair looks awesome but requires constant grooming to look the part at all times.

This small dog breed sheds very little hair around the house, so that’s a plus. It doesn’t, moreover, require much walking around, so keep that in mind as well.

10Coton de Tulear

10. Coton de Tulear

This one is very similar to Bichon Frise in size and overall looks; however, it looks much wiser than a lot of the small dog breeds out there.

This breed is very affectionate and great to keep with kids. Despite the abundant hair, the Coton de Tulear does not shed hair; however, it requires to be regularly groomed and cleaned. You don’t want to be responsible for this dog being messy.

This list has tried to showcase some of the healthiest dog breeds that don’t shed. It is not a comprehensive one, but it represents a world of dog breeds that don’t give their owners the trouble of having to go around the house and clean the hair lying around everywhere.

Before you go, tell us the dog breed you plan to own among the 10 you’ve read about in this article.