10 Everyday Habits That Will Put Your Dog In Danger


Last Updated on October 7, 2020

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As you live each day with your beautiful pooch, you do whatever it takes to make them feel happy and secure. We would probably read about every single thing that can harm them and avoid doing them at all costs, but there is still one thing we are missing…
Our everyday habits with our dogs can actually harm them, that’s right!
You are probably feeding them nothing but top quality food, toss the ball around whenever you are free, and give them unconditional love all the time. Still, there is a lot more that goes into keeping our dogs healthy, happy, and safe.
The good news is there is always time for you to protect your dog from whatever that can put them in danger, especially in the process of you taking care of them. After all, raising a pet is not always as easy as we might think, but always remember that their cuddles and wet kisses are worth it.


If you can trim your dog’s nails yourself, and as long as you are doing it right, then it would be incredible for your dog because he trusts you and he wouldn’t be scared letting you do it as it is a scary experience for him. Otherwise, keep a close eye on the groomer or vet technician who usually takes care of it. The nails should not be cut too short because they will lead to pain and possible injury, and if your dog belongs to a large breed, then mistakes can be easily made since it is hard to control him, which will put both of you in danger.


Of course, you want your pup to always smell as fresh as a spring breeze, but when you start using too many products and shampoos that are filled with chemicals and harsh scents, then you will eventually hurt your pooch’s sensitive skin. Instead, you can use baby shampoo because it doesn’t have too many chemicals and it will not sting his eyes. But most importantly, you need to learn how to correctly wash your dog. You need to use lukewarm water and always rinse all the shampoo off of his body to not end up inside his system. If you want to dry your dog with a blow dryer, make sure to use the cool setting in order not to overheat him.


Many dog owners don’t even look inside the mouths of their dogs, and they don’t even brush it that often. According to vets, not considering the health of your dog’s mouth is a huge mistake because there is always a possibility of them getting a periodontal disease or having bacteria building up in their gums. In fact, there are many dangerous diseases they can develop because of lack of hygiene, and most of that bacteria will be swallowed to their guts when they are eating, making the situation more dangerous. You have to clean your pet’s teeth once or twice a week, at least, with a toothbrush that’s soft and have flexible bristles, a soft cloth, or a piece of gauze. You don’t really need to use toothpaste, but if you have to, then use one that’s specifically made for pets.


You need to pay attention to the brush you use on your dog because if the brush is metal and your pooch has short hair, then you are hurting him badly. Basically, those brushes can make the skin prone to more bacterial infections. So before you purchase any brush, notice the fur on your dog and recognize what kind of brush would suit his breed. If the hair is short, then stay away from the pointy metal brushes and go for the softer ones.


You could think that tossing your dog a toy before you go out is a good idea, but that can be extremely dangerous. There is a high possibility that your dog is an aggressive chewer, which means your dog can actually tear the toy and eat small parts of it, or worse, he may get into the stuffing and start eating it. You should never give your dog a toy unless you are there to monitor him, especially if it is still a new toy. And of course, you should never allow them to chew your kids’ toys or you will find yourself sitting in the vet’s office wondering how Lego can cause such an expensive issue.


There are many obese and overweight pets out there, and yes, they are the most adorable creatures. However, we all know that an obese dog means an unhealthy dog, and it is all a result of overfeeding. It is your responsibility to watch the portions of food you give to your pooch, or you will end up seeing him struggling with joint issues, back issues, digestive issues, diabetes, and arthritis. You need to talk to the vet about how much your furry friend should weigh and how much food he should consume. It all depends on the size, age and the breed of your canine. You should also be aware of how many treats you are spoiling him with because they are also calories that can quickly add up.


I know, it is almost impossible to say no to your dog’s “puppy” eyes when he looks at you all cute to give him a bite from your food, but you need to learn how to say No to them. People’s food is rich in calories that can easily lead them to gain weight. Meanwhile, spicy food can cause extreme digestive problems that will make your little pup suffer. The bones also are a big no-no because they can get lodged in the digestive tract of your dog. Your only exception is feeding them something that’s low in calories, low in spices, and in small portions, like baby carrots.


We are not even going to talk about the scary and horrible effects of smoking on YOU, we are sure that you are aware. But, it is important to know that secondhand smoke is as dangerous as smoking, which puts your dog in danger. If you light up a cigarette in the same room as your pet, the poor thing will not be able to escape it, making him breathe all the toxins with you. This will easily lead him to develop lung cancer, just like humans.


Lack of exercise and mental stimulation is a huge problem for your dog. The latter may end up developing repetitive or destructive behaviors in which we know is not a good thing. It is a necessity to keep challenging your pet both physically and mentally to keep him both healthy and well-behaved. This is why it is important to understand how smart the breed is and how much exercise they’ll need in order to figure out the best ways to keep them away from developing any undesired behavior.


There are many dog parents that would leave their dog holding their pee for long hours just because they know they can hold it for about 12 hours. Yes, your dog will not urinate all over your furniture, but you will be putting him at risk of many health issues. Your pooch may suffer from bladder infections due to the delayed urination, and sometimes, behavior problems. So, make sure to take him for walks or unleash him to the backyard every now and then, and in case they have to wait, don’t make them wait for more than 7 or 8 hours.