10 Things All Dog Owners Should Get Rid Of!


Last Updated on January 7, 2021

That infamous time of the year is starting – Spring cleaning season. The days are longer, the weather is hotter, and we feel that unexplainable need to renovate our homes. However, there might be an aspect of spring cleaning you never considered: dog items that need to go. We know you love your dog and care for them a lot, but you might have some things in your household that may put your dog’s health in danger. Thinking about that, we made a list for dog owners, telling them what they should throw out during this intense house cleaning season to make their home a safer environment for their furry friends.

1. Get rid of that plastic bowl

You need to put your dog’s food and water somewhere, so you purchase a water bowl and a food bowl – but what are these bowls made of? If it’s plastic, this spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of them and replace them with new ones. Yes, plastic bowls are cheap, but they are also hard to clean, easy to chew, and can even become a choking hazard to your puppy, which can lead to serious health problems, like internal bleeding. Plus, plastic will easily break down, containing your dog’s food and water with dangerous chemicals and causing food poisoning. Pick new food bowls made from safer materials, like silicone or stainless steel.

2. Throw away old dog toys

Every dog has a favorite toy, and they may even get a bit sad if you throw it out, but let’s face it – old toys carry a huge amount of bacteria, which can harm your dog’s health. Of course, you can microwave some of their toys and wash some others, but if the toy is super old and made from a delicate material, it will start to disintegrate, becoming a choking hazard (this is also the reason you should avoid stuffed toys). Dog toys are cheap, so you will have no trouble replacing them.

3. Do not keep expired medication

If you want a healthy dog, you won’t keep medication that has already expired for further consumption. Just like medication for humans, pet medicine will also cease to be effective after it expires. Plus, even if your dog seems to have the same symptoms, you shouldn’t medicate them without checking with your vet first.

4. Dog treats for ‘Special Occasion’

Are you the type of person who gets special treats for special occasions, like pumpkin-shaped treats to give to people who trick-or-treat with their dogs? Well, if you do, don’t keep them until the next holiday – give them to your dog, give them to your friend’s dogs, but don’t let them expire. Expired treats have fewer nutrients and become more prone to bacterial contamination and mold growth as the preservatives break down.

5. Old dog grooming equipment

If you groom your dog at home, you probably own all necessary equipment, from sheers to nail clippers and even scissors. Those items usually last long, but if the blades start to become dull, they will stop cutting and start crushing, which can hurt your dog, especially when clipping their nails. Plus, check your grooming items for rust and make sure you switch them whenever needed.

6. Switch your dog’s bed

Dogs get attached to their beds – they enjoy the smell and find it quite comforting to lay in a familiar bed. However, as time goes by, their bed may start to fall apart, and much like used up toys, their disintegrated bed can become a choking hazard. Help your dog get used to their new bad by reinforcing positive behavior or by using familiar scents to provide them some extra comfort.

7. Don’t keep old dog crates and dog carriers

Dog crates and carriers also tend to last long. However, once they get too old, they can become a danger to your dog, physically harming them or causing them to choke. A broken zipper can be a choking hazard, just like a tear in the fabric. If the wires are broken, the exposed sharp ends can become dangerous and cut your dog. If you notice anything that can pose a danger to your puppy, it’s time to replace this item.

8. If your first aid kit is outdated, throw it out

Every pet owner should have a first aid kit at hand to treat minor injuries. But if yours has been around for a long time, it might not be useful anymore. Don’t be caught out of guard if a small emergency happens, and be sure to update your first aid kit whenever needed. Always check the expiration date on the items, and replace the ones you have already used.

9. Replace your dog’s collar tag

Over the years, it is more than normal that your dog’s collar tag will get worn down. As a consequence, it can be hard to read your dog’s name, as well as your contact information. This is something you should always have on check, because if your dog ever gets lost, this information is too precious. Also, if you happen to change houses, or to change your phone number, be sure to update all that information and get your dog a new tag.

10. Get rid of that torn up dog leash

Your dog’s leash is, without any doubt, an important item – you use it to walk your puppy, so you need to make sure to purchase a nice, high-quality leash. It has to be comfortable and resistant. But over time, your leash will start do disintegrate – this happens to high-quality leashes as well. To preserve your dog’s safety and to make sure they are comfortable, switch the leash whenever it gets too worn out.