10 Things That Are Poisonous to Dogs—Be Careful!


Last Updated on June 19, 2020

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Having a dog in the house is the best feeling in life! Dog owners just cannot get enough of taking their beloved animals to dog parks and dog daycare places. Some of them
are also very meticulous about giving their dogs the proper dog grooming they deserve.

However, whether you have one that belongs to small dog breeds or one that belongs to big dog breeds, you need to be careful with them around the house.

Some things in the house constitute a health hazard for dogs, and you need to be very vigilant about having them stay away from those hazards.

In this article, we have compiled a list of very poisonous products that your dog might accidentally ingest.

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1. Mothballs

These things are great if you want to preserve your clothes and not have them become moldy; however, they are the worst thing that can happen to your dog.

If ingested by dogs, mothballs act like poison, and you do not want to see your dog suffer from that. Therefore, make sure that you keep them as far away as possible. Do not forget to give your dog the best dog food and dog treats to stop them from ingesting other things!

2. Drain Cleaner

There are some powerful and abrasive chemicals in the drain cleaner—those chemicals are what makes this product so effective for drain cleaning. However, if your dog happens to swallow some of it, you must see the vet or emergency dog vet as soon as you can.

Swallowing these chemical products can cause breathing problems for your dog, so make sure to be careful with them and prioritize your dog’s health.

3. Batteries

It is a well-known fact that batteries contain chemicals that are hazardous to the health of any living creature, not just dogs.

Your dog should not be allowed to chew on batteries because they are very poisonous. It would be best if you put your dog through some dog training to make them stay away from batteries.