10 Tips To Preserve Your Dog’s Health And Safety


Last Updated on March 11, 2020

Make very sure you don’t use humans toothpaste as it contains fluoride because it is toxic for dogs. There are specific toothpaste options on the market for our pups, so if you spot any problem go see a veterinarian.

7. Pay Attention To The Fur And Nails

Trimming nails and dog grooming are also essential in their life and are health basics. Performing such tasks can prevent problems like skin, eye and ear infections, parasite infestations, and paw injuries.

Buy some dog shampoo and don’t use yours, give your buddy baths but also seek professional help. There are very good services provided by your local veterinarians that can give a nice haircut and a great bath. It’s healthy, plus, you’ll own a nice looking dog.

8. Watch Out For Harmful Products

We all should be thinking about how to keep our dogs safe, even at home. Yes! there’s actually day-by-day household products you use that could be very bad for them. For example, some cleaning products are extremely toxic products to our pups, like bleach for example.

Keep other products like Insecticides, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol out of reach. Food like chocolate, coffee, raw meat, avocados, garlic, and onions also should be kept away from them. Dog allergies, or worse, poisoning, are real threats even at the comfort of our home.

9. Safer Transportation

Some dogs really love car rides, they really enjoy sticking their tongues out of the window because, to them, it is very fun. However, it still goes against pet safety. Surely, your country or state has regulations and laws regarding pet transportation so you need to make sure you follow them thoroughly.

Generally, crates are the best option. But, if the crate isn’t, for some reason, an option for you, choose specific harnesses and buckles to strap your dog to the backseat, which is the safest spot in the car for them. Watch out for airbags!

If you have no other choice but to put the crate in the passenger front seat, you must turn off the airbag option. As the driver, you also play a major role in your dog’s safety, so driving safe is a must! If you are taking your dog on a boat ride make sure they have a life jacket. They may know how to swim but also could panic!