6 Foods That Will Help Prevent Cancer In Dogs


Last Updated on April 6, 2021

In case you don’t know, cancer is not only one of the leading causes of death in people but also in dogs.

Kidney disease, obesity, Lyme disease, diabetes, and cancer are the main causes of death in the dog world. Unfortunately, cancer in dogs is the leading one.

What makes this illness so awful is that it’s often diagnosed when it’s too late for recovery, taking away many lives because of it.

The best thing you can do as a dog owner is to inform yourself on how to keep your dog healthy by providing a safe home, medical check-ups, physical activity, and of course, a healthy diet.

There are many healthy dog foods out there that are proven to have a good impact on your dog health, preventing future diseases, and promoting a stronger and efficient body.
Take a look at the list below and find out what are these foods that may prevent cancer in dogs and many other diseases.

1. Carrots And Other Veggies

Dogs love carrots! If you don’t believe it, try to give one to them and see it disappear within seconds!

Carrots and other oranges/yellow veggies are super high in fiber, which makes them a great element to incorporate in any dog diet.

They also slow down future dental diseases and are known to help prevent cancer. Just make sure you don’t feed your dog baby carrots or any large chunk since it can be a potential choking hazard to them. Instead, cut them in small thin pieces.

If they’re frozen, wait for them to soften a bit before giving them to your dog, and if you happen to be cooking them, go ahead and serve a little plate of carrots to them. One carrot a day keeps the doctor away!

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

No matter how expensive or high-quality dog food you have been buying, none will ever possess a sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

But why is it good for your dog? Even though the name is suspicious, Omega-3 fatty acids are quite essential nutrients that your dog needs to prevent future diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. They have anti-inflammatory properties that are capable of slowing down possible tumors and, consequently, cancer development.

So how to incorporate it in your dog food? The best sources of omega-3 come from fish, mostly the smaller ones like sardines and anchovies, feeding your dog a few every night could be a healthy habit worth sticking to. Just make sure the fish is unsalted and remove the fish bones before you feed them to your dog.

Another good option is feeding your dog some krill oil and mix it in the dog kibble. Nowadays, you can even find dog capsules containing this oil in your local supermarket or pet store.

If your dog has joint problems, consider giving them some krill oil every day for healthy joints. It can also help with dry skin, ear problems, and even their memory.

3. Blueberries

Wondering what are the benefits of blueberries when it comes to your dog’s health?

We’ll try to make this simple. Besides being a great source of vitamins and minerals, blueberries possess an antioxidant ingredient that goes by the name of ellagic acid.

And this acid happens to block any metabolic pathway that may lead to cancer.

Just make sure you don’t give too many to your dog since it can upset their stomach.

Think about them as healthy dog treats that you can give your dog thorough the day. The good news is that they love them, the bad news is, you shouldn’t feed them more than 10, so make sure you count!

4. Leafy Vegetables

That’s right! Green vegetables are also a super healthy dog food that you can easily add to your dog’s meals.

Dogs who eat these types of veggies at least 3 times a week are prone to have fewer health altercations than dogs that only eat normal processed, dog treats, and food.

There’s nothing wrong with feeding them processed food from time to time, but you should incorporate as much healthy food as possible.

Chop these green leafy veggies such as spinach, lettuce, and kale into small bits and mix it with his regular food. He might not eat it all, but he’ll for sure ingest some of it, keep doing it and figure out what’s the best way to make them eat these veggies that nobody seems to like but are incredibly healthy.

5. Turmeric

One of the best healthy foods for dogs out there is turmeric.

The benefits of turmeric come from its compound: curcumin, which is proven to slow down and even stop the growth and spreading of certain cancer cells that might be present in their bodies. It’s also good for bone health, which means it can help dogs suffering from arthritis and help them recover their strong bones.

It can be quite a challenge feeding it to them since dogs tend to hate the taste. The best is to mix small portions with food throughout the day. There are also turmeric capsules available for dogs.

However, if your dog is already medicated, you should check with the vet first before giving turmeric to them since it can kill the effectiveness of some medications.

6. Cutting The Carbs

Studies have shown that ketogenic diets, which consist of low carbs and high protein and fat, are key when it comes to reducing tumor growth and overall extend your dog’s life.

Adding a piece of raw egg or a chicken breast to your dog’s meal is enough to make a healthy change in your dog’s diet, which will contribute to a stronger immune system and help with weight loss.

Besides, dog kibble contains around 50% of carbohydrates! No matter how expensive or fancy they might look, the percentage is roughly the same.

So, instead of feeding them a full bowl of kibble, fill only half of it, and the other half opt by filling it with one of the foods listed above.

Be aware that these foods are not meant to substitute any medication. They are helpful when it comes to preventing and slowing down diseases when there’s time to do so.

You should also be careful about certain foods that are poisonous to dogs that you might be giving to them.

Talking to your vet and making sure your dog has a healthy diet important from the day they are born, or as soon as you have them under your care. So make sure you provide a healthy lifestyle for your pup so he can grow to become a strong, healthy, and happy dog.