10 Necessary Dog Products You Need To Get For Your Pooch!


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Whether you’re already a dog parent or you’re about to become one, it’s always nice to be aware of all the necessary things that all dogs should have. After all, as a pet owner, you just want to make sure you and your house are prepared for everything and most importantly, that you are raising not only a healthy dog but also a happy dog.

Here, you’ll find a list of 10 important items that any dog should have, from food to hygiene, to dog toys, all categories are valid here!

Keep reading to find out what some of these must-haves are!

1. An ID tag and a dog collar

A dog ID tag is a necessary requirement when it comes to dogs.

Even if your dog is well-trained and always finds their way back home and on top of that, your whole neighborhood knows that it’s your dog, having an id tag is what differentiates your dog from an abandoned dog or other street dogs.

Nowadays, there are so many dogs that are abandoned with their collars on, people just don’t care to leave them safely anymore.

So, having a collar is not enough. Attach a small ID tag to it, with basic information like your dog’s name and a phone number for example.

It’s not much work, and it could save your dog’s life one day.

2. A harness

A dog harness is a much more effective and safe way to walk your dog than using a simple leash.

A harness goes around your dog’s chest and back, while a leash only pulls them by the neck, which is not as safe or comfortable for them.

If you want to take safety and security to the next level, one of the must-have dog gadgets is a dog GPS with an incorporated camera. This way, you’ll know where your dog is and have a visual image of what he’s doing.

3. A dog crate

If you plan on going to all types of places with your dog, a dog carrier or crate is definitely one necessary purchase. Depending on how much you intend to travel with your dog, the carrier can have different shapes, sizes and so on.

If going to the vet is the only reason you can think of it, then a simple plastic crate would do just fine for a small dog. If you have a heavier, bigger dog, a stronger bigger carrier would be a better option.

If your dog is way too big or you don’t feel the need to use a dog carrier for them, there are special cushions made for the back of the car, so your dog can travel safely without getting your seats dirty.

4. A lot of treats!

Why wouldn’t you want to spoil your dog as much as you possibly can with dog treats?

But be careful about the quantity!

There are many kinds of dog treats, and if you intend to give daily treats, pick the healthiest ones that you can find. After all, a lot of treats can be dangerous for your dog’s health.
But treats are definitely a great idea, especially if you plan on training your dog, treats will come handy!

5. Dog grooming supplies

Yes, you can drop your dog at the vet to get a bath and groom, but where’s the fun in that? Bathing your dog is such a fun bonding experience, no pet owner in their right mind would give that up!

However, there are some items you cannot forget like dog shampoo and a dog conditioner specially made for your dog’s fur (short or long) And for dog grooming, it’s always nice to have a dog brush to control all the fur and prevent it from falling all around the house!

6. Toys, toys, toys!

It’s always nice to give toys to your dog, especially if they are still puppies.

Dogs usually always have a favorite toy, and that’s the toy you always take with you when you travel with them because that toy gives them comfort.

A teether ball for dogs could be a great idea if you have space. It’s a fun distraction and it will sure keep your dog entertained for a while.

It’s also very important that you get some dog chew toys. Yes, they’ll make every object a chewing toy, so make sure you give these to your dog right away. They not only help with anxiety and stress but work as pain relievers, especially for young pups that are experiencing pain caused by incoming teeth.

7. Food

Yes, high-quality dog food is important, so don’t buy whatever is in promotion because next week some other food will be in promotion, and then your dog won’t have a stable food routine.

Of course, you can change your dog’s food from time to time, but to prevent digestive problems and confusion it’s always best to stick to food you know your dog enjoys.

If you want to change it up, canned food is a great, healthy option since it has more water and more protein than dry food. Which makes them great for dogs who don’t drink a lot of water or are couch potatoes.

Also, don’t forget that puppy food is different from normal dog food. If you have a puppy or a young dog, look for food specially made for their age group.

8. A toothbrush

If you already have a dog hairbrush, it’s not the only brush you’ll need. Buying a dog toothbrush, and brushing your dog’s teeth daily is key for great dental health.

Make sure you buy dog toothpaste and dog toothpaste only. Do not use your own toothpaste since it can risk your dog’s health.

9. Appropriate bowls

We advise you to get a stainless steel water bowl and food bowl because they’re way easier to clean and stronger. Also, you can put them in the dishwasher if you want.

You should have two extra bowls to substitute your main bowls when you wash them. And before you ask, there’s no need to wash them more than once a week.

Automatic food dispensers are also very fun and practical, but if your dog is dieting or you want them to have a certain type of food regime then it’s up to you what type of bowls you think will adapt better to your dog’s lifestyle.

10. A comfy bed

What makes a great dog bedding?

It’s pretty simple, anything that’s cozy and warm. A good blanket, a fluffy rug, or the most common option, a little fluffy sofa, which is honestly the best option since it’s always a good idea to teach your dog that they have their own space. A blanket can be easily moved from the living room couch to the bedroom bed and so on.

Even though health insurance is not a product, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have dog insurance.

When you commit to having a dog, you’re committing for a long time, animals can get sick or hurt, and they need health check-ups just like us.

A dog health insurance will make your dog medicines and their annual dog vaccine much cheaper and accessible, not to mention all the other advantages and discounts when it comes to your dog health.

We hope you enjoyed this dog essentials list and we wish you the best of luck with your new best friend!