10 Ways To Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Get Lost!


Last Updated on September 21, 2020

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Your dog is probably one of the lights of your life – you know how to keep your dog healthy, know how to keep your dog safe, but do you do all the things you can do to make sure your dog doesn’t get lost? This is something every dog owner fears, and it is super important to adopt a series of measures to ensure that you won’t lose your dog. Safety is always a priority, so start taking notes!

1. Put A Microchip On Your Dog

Maintaining a healthy dog takes a lot of trips to the vet to administrate all the vaccines dogs need, and in one of those trips, you should install a microchip on them.

In that microchip, they will carry all the information needed to contact you if they ever get lost. This way, if the people who find them take them to the vet, they will be able to get your name and contact information.

Your dog won’t even feel the microchip, and the implantation is pretty painless as well. The microchip cost for dogs is usually around , which is close to nothing if you think that it is going to last for their whole lives.

2. Buy A Dog Collar With An ID Tag

When shopping for a dog collar, you need to consider two things: if the collar is the perfect fit and if it has a dog ID. With time, the collar will start to get loose, so it’s important to switch it for a new one, to make sure your dog doesn’t lose it.

However, the ID tag is the main point here – it is cheap, small, and if your dog ever gets lost from you, the person who catches it can find your contact information quickly and return your dog to you, safe and sound. If you prefer a dog harness over a collar, you can still have an ID tag on the harness.

3. Teach Them To Come To You And To Sit